The Do’s and Dont’s of Going to See a Potential Marriage Partner

The Do’s and Dont’s of Going to See a Potential Marriage Partner

I think it’s something we can all learn from Insha’Allah. Please feel free to add your own in the comments below.

The Do’s

DO give the girl’s family plenty of notice before arriving, (that’s so they can be prepared and don’t have to worry about appointment cancellations etc.)

DO greet the family members on arrival

DO dress as you normally would. (If you normally wear western dress, then stick to that, there is no point wearing a juba etc to impress the girl’s family)

DO ask the girl’s wali for permission if you want to ask her any questions. (Make sure you are specific about what you ask, dont beat about the bush)

DO be honest when answering any questions

The Dont’s

DON’T go to see her alone

DON’T enter the house or take a seat without permission

DON’T keep talking unnecessarily unless you have something useful to say (be buisness like and to the point)

DON’T stay too quiet and make yourself look like an arrogant person.

DON’T go dressed like it is your wedding day.

DON’T keep your eyes fixed on the girl (It is important you take a look but that does not mean constantly staring at her to freak her out)

DON’T ask silly questions like what have you planned for today? (I am sure they would have cancelled any plans for that particular day)

DON’T waste time discussing things like the weather (Leave that job for the weatherman)

DON’T be demanding straightaway e.g. I expect my wife to cook and clean for me and wash and iron my clothes, polish my shoes etc (I know it probably sounds hillarious but it can happen)

DON’T try to impress the wali by boasting about you earnings (It’s not good to be materialistic)

[All of the above was taken from Al-Maghrib forums]


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  2. fatimah Says:

    mashaallah thank you

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