100 Questions to Ask Prospective Husband/Wife

100 Questions to Ask Prospective Husband/Wife

Don’t get freaked out… and please have some mercy on your prospective husband/wife, don’t ask the questions all at once. Ask 50 at a time in two different meetings. Just kidding. Enjoy!

1) What is your concept of marriage?

2) Have you been married before?

3) Are you married now?

4) What are you expectations of marriage?

5) What are your goals in life? (Long and short term)

6) Identify three things that you want to accomplish in the near future.

7) Identify three things that you want to accomplish, long term.

8] Why have you chosen me/other person as a potential spouse?

9) What is the role of religion in your life now?

10) Are you a spiritual person?

11) What is your understanding of an Islamic marriage?

12) What are you expecting of your spouse, religiously?

13) What is your relationship between yourself and the Muslims community in your area?

14) Are you volunteering in any Islamic activities?

15) What can you offer your zawj (spouse), spiritually?

16) What is the role of the husband?

17) What is the role of the wife?

18) Do you want to practice polygamy?

19) What is your relationship with your family?

20) What do you expect your relationship with the family of your spouse to be?

21) What do you expect your spouses relationship with your family to be?

22) Is there anyone in your family living with you now?

23) Are you planning to have anyone in your family live with you in the future?

24) If, for any reason, my relationship with your family turns sour, what should be done?

25) Who are your friends? (Identify at least three.)

26) How did you get to know them?

27) Why are they your friends?

28) What do you like most about them?

29) What will your relationship with them after marriage be?

30) Do you have friends of the opposite sex?

31) What is the level of your relationship with them now?

32) What will be the level of your relationship with them after marriage?

33) What type of relationship do you want your spouse to have with your friends?

34) What are the things that you do in your free time?

35) Do you love to have guests in your home for entertainment?

36) What are you expecting from your spouse when your friends come to the house?

37) What is your opinion of speaking other languages in home that I do not understand? (with friends or family)

38) Do you travel?

39) How do you spend your vacations?

40) How do you think your spouse should spend vacations?

41) Do you read?

42) What do you read?

43) After marriage, do you think that you are one to express romantic feelings verbally?

44) After marriage, do you think that you want to express affection in public?

45) How do you express your admiration for someone that you know now?

46) How do you express your feelings to someone who has done a favor for you?

47) Do you like to write your feelings?

48) If you wrong someone, how do you apologize?

49) If someone has wronged you, how do you want him/her to apologize to you?

50) How much time passes before you can forgive someone?

51) How do you make important and less important decisions in your life?

52) Do you use foul language at home? In public? With family?

53) Do your friends use foul language?

54) Does your family use foul language?

55) How do you express anger?

56) How do you expect your spouse to express anger?

57) What do you do when you are angry?

58) When do you think it is appropriate to initiate mediation in marriage?

59) When there is a dispute in your marriage, religious or otherwise, how should the conflict get resolved?

60) Define mental, verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

61) What would you do if you felt that you had been abused?

62) Who would you call for assistance if you were being abused?

63) Do you suffer from any chronic disease or condition?

64) Are you willing to take a physical exam by a physician before marriage?

65) What is your understanding of proper health and nutrition?

66) How do you support your own health and nutrition?

67) What is you definition of wealth?

68) How do you spend money?

69) How do you save money?

70) How do you think that your use of money will change after marriage?

71) Do you have any debts now? If so, how are you making progress to eliminate them?

72) Do you use credit cards?

73) Do you support the idea of taking loans to buy a new home?

74) What are you expecting from your spouse financially?

75) What is your financial responsibility in the marriage?

76) Do you support the idea of a working wife?

77) If so, how do you think a dual-income family should manage funds?

78) Do you currently use a budget to manage your finances?

79) Who are the people to whom you are financially responsible?

80) Do you support the idea of utilizing baby sitters and/or maids?

81) Do you want to have children? If not, why?

82) To the best of your understanding, are you able to have children?

83) Do you want to have children in the first two years of marriage? If not, when?

84) Do you believe in abortion?

85) Do you have children now?

86) What is your relationship with your children now?

87) What is your relationship with their other parent?

88) What relationship do you expect your spouse to have with your children and their parent?

89) What is the best method(s) of raising children?

90) What is the best method(s) of disciplining children?

91) How were you raised?

92) How were you disciplined?

93) Do you believe in spanking children? Under what circumstances?

94) Do you believe in public school for your children?

95) Do you believe in Islamic school for your children?

96) Do you believe in home schooling for your children?

97) What type of relationship should your children have with non-Muslim classmates/friends?

98) Would you send your children to visit their extended family if they lived in another state or country?

99) What type of relationship do you want your children to have with all their grandparents?

100) If there are members of my family that are not Muslim, that are of different race or culture, what type of relationship do you want to have with them?

Also refer to this post (The Do’s And Dont’s Of Going To See A Potential Marriage Partner) as it is very benfitial in shaa Allaah.

51 Responses to “100 Questions to Ask Prospective Husband/Wife”

  1. Aren’t these dunya questions? Shouldn’t we be asking questions relating to deen?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Yes these are dunya questions however even by asking ‘dunya’ questions you can also judge a persons level in deen. For example, if a person truly loves Allaah, then in any question you ask that person, they will give u an answer linking it to the deen…

      For example, if you ask “What did u study in uni?” The sister may respond by naming her subject, or may respond by saying she doesn’t like going out of the house, or that she doesn’t wish to work and instead wishes to raise the house and kids. Or she may respond that she went uni for a bit but then dropped out because of the freemixing that was involved in the classrooms…

      Likewise, deen questions NEED to be asked. These questions are here for some help, if needed.

      Plus at the initial stages (as in, the first few mins of the ‘interview’) one may freak out, and get a blank mind (I’m guessing it happens if ur nervous), so these questions may be asked to sort of relax the other person and get them (and u) comfortable and at ease… and put both of u in ur ‘comfort zone’.

      Because the last thing u wanna do is just sit there saying, “So…..” and her thinking “O-kaaaay, isn’t this guy going to ask me anything.”

      Don’t kill urself, take it easy, ask questions (above) so as to get both of u in ur relaxed and comfortable mood, whereby u feel at ease with one another… Bcz now theres more of a chance u’ll answer ur questions properly and in confidence, rather than sweating on ur forehead, saying something silly thinking “oh crack did i just say that’…

      Also, if the prospective husband/wife ever asks u a question which u may think is silly or wierd, NEVER criticise him/her by saying “What sort of question is that?” or those sort of words…

      Hope this has answered ur question…

      Sorry for going a little off topic…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


      • sounds like you have been in this situation before? How was it?

        • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

          Na, I just ask elder bro’s for advice and stuff…

          Tho it COULD get quite embarrassing.

          A bro i know went back home to get married, and he was siting with his ‘to be’ father in-law, the sis then came in the room, at which her father said to this bro “Ok, now talk”, at which point this bro’s mind went completely blank…

          Funny thing is, he planned out everything he was gonna say and the order of questions so as to get the flow of the conversation all good…

          SubhaanAllaah, looks like a sheet of paper on the table would help out a lot…

          And don’t be shy/embarrased to print out a paper with questions n it….

          Because at the end of the day, your finding a life partner…. Sum1 u’ll spend the rest of ur life with, going thru the ups and downs of life together, sharing ur innermost secrets with. The frst person u c when u awake in the morning, the last face u see b4 dosing of… the 1 who wakes u up for tahajjud with a sprinkle of water etc…

          Its a big decision. Probably the bigest choice of ur life… So ask all questions u need to, likewise don’t feel offended if the other person is likewise asking u a million questions….

          Just dont embarrass urslf in the interview! lol

          Wassalaamu ‘alaykum

  2. so what sort of deen questions hud one ask?

    • Assalaamuy ‘alaykum,

      there r many deen related questions one can ask. Like, for example,

      – ‘How much Qur’aan do u know”, and if they’re a non-arab,

      – “how much of what u know do u know the meaning of”… Also:

      – What is ur stance on a woman role in society (i.e, go out and work all day, or raise the kids upon Islaam)

      – How would u respond to such and such a situation. For example, if u see ur kid (and dont say ‘our kid’ coz ur not married yet) chatting on the phone to a non-mahram, how would u address the situation…

      Here, note whether he/she responds with a solution or a solution as well as stating the prevention that needs to be taken to prevent this…

      Also take heed of her/his facial reaction to questions like these, Does he/she get a shock (showing an indirect ‘astughfirullaah’ to that scene or not).

      – what is ur stance on plural mariage (good to ask this b4 marriage)

      – Depending on the level of ur gheerah, u may want to ask questions linked to this.

      – Also regarding parenting: do u wish to have a big or small family.

      – Can u handle sacrificing things most dear and precious 2 u.

      – How much have u researched about parenting skills and psychology (as a child first learns under his parents, in specific, the mother)…

      – How much reading do u do a day.

      – How often is ur qiyaamul layl. And here, BE HONEST and say that u don’t pray qiyaamul layl if u dont! Be a MAN a speak the haqq, rather than lie and say u do when in fact u don’t.

      Don’t lie in answering questions, if u do, expect the same form her/him!

      – How much time do u spend online

      If a sis is asking, then u dont want a guy who is 24/7 online, reading his emails, or looking for a new laptop etc. ignoring ur rights of time.

      And if its a bro who is asking, believe u don’t want a sis who will be online gossiping/chatting to her mates on facebook/skype/msn or any other chat software out there.

      – asking about how much time ythey spend ‘chilling’ with their friend is also important, and asking how practising these friends r…

      And there r many more questions one can ask…

      Be bold in ur questions/answers bcz the last thing u want is to get married to the wrong person, believing and thinking they r like such and such, however the truth comes out on the contrary…

      I hope this has somewhat answered ur question.

      If any1 has any more questions they can add to this list, feel free to comment away…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum

  3. also, akhi, what do u advice a bro, to marry from here or back home?

  4. Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    Akhee jazaakAllaah, and what about the above question here about here vs back-home sisters?

    I think the back home ones r more shy/womanly but the ones here r more knowledgeable…

    Any advice? any1?

    • Abdullaah Says:

      I guess the pros of back home ones r:

      (a) she is more shy
      (b) the obedient to husband thing is more deeply rooted within them
      (c) she has more womanly characteristics
      (d) she will not nag as much as the 1 from here
      (e) she wont mind if her rights r not given as much as 1 from here would mind
      (f) they r more ‘homely’ women 9if that makes sense)
      (g) they love the home more, and dont go out that much
      (h) they keep the house spotless
      (i) cleaning is a norm for them
      (j) cleaning the babies dirty dipers is also a norm for them, and they wont be like ‘eeew im not touching that’
      (k) they r more into their ‘stay at home and look after the kids’ way of life.
      (l) there’s no worry that she may have had a relationship in her past with “that guy over there’

      i think thats it.

      CONS of the back homers:

      (a) the solution to almost every problem the kid does it ‘i will hit him’. There no consideration for the kids psychology.
      (b) once here, she may fall in love with the dunya
      (c) she may be glued onto some bollywood program 24/7 or while ur at work
      (d) they love their gold (which costs u big time)

      i think thats it.

      • sorry bro u r wrong any man/woman from anywhere can have relationship, they are just human being – full of mistakes. Don’t think back home sisters are angels.

      • also, lot of your ‘pros’ are not practical for all the sisters in back home.

  5. i believe women here are:

    :::THE PROS:::

    (a) More knowledgble.

    (b) more wise

    (c) more likely to keep the hijab on after marriage

    (d) less fera that she may get attracted to the dunya (coz bringing a wife from ‘back home’ may cause that problem


  6. Also (dunno if this is a pro or con), but the society here in the west is based on the whole ‘sex-drive as its main factor in life. Women here therefore (bcz of this surrounding) have had that concept in their mind from a young age,

    The PRO of that is that it is easier for a man to therefore fulfil his sexual desires with her as she also has a bigger urge in her…

    The CON of that is that there is a BIG doubt hovering over her and her chastity, ‘was she thinking certain things in her jaahiliyah?’ etc…

  7. :::THE CONS:::
    (of women from here in the west)

    (a) More manly

    (b) More bossy

    (c) have more of an attitude

    (d) will voice her objection mor elouder than one from ‘back home’

    (e) there is more of a chance that she had a boyfriend in the past

    (f) naggin

    (g) less shy

    (h) less likely to be a nice ‘home maker’

    (i) they luv going out more

    (j) they are less likely to SUBMIT to the whole ‘obedience’ to husband thingy

    (k) There is less respect for the husbands as compared 2 the ones from ‘back-home’

    (l) they always wanna go out, saying ‘take me here’, ‘take me there’, ‘buy me this’, ‘buy me that’, then …. ‘o u never do anything for me!’ subhaanAllaah.


  8. (m) likewise the sisters from here usually have that thing where they OBJECT to u easily without any hesitation…

    whereas a sis from ‘back-home’ (sum village) wud probably just ‘go along’ with the flow and give up sum of her rights here and there for ur satisfaction, and to please u…

    (n) another problem with sisters from here is thae whole submition to the husband thing…

    (o) …

  9. wow, subhanalah.. good comments! keep them up…

    But its true how the majority of bro’s r going ‘back-home’ to get married…

    However sisters here complain about that, as sisters here (in the west) do NOT get along with bro’s from ‘back home’…

    Tho its a tough decision to make… here or back home?

  10. I think one can also base the other persons piety on their appearance, not just by the way they answer questions…

  11. @ Munir;

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    Ummm. No not really… The appearance can fool a person.

    For example; IF A SISTER is looking at the appearance of the bro, then the length of his beard has no connection to his piety whatsoever. I know of a bro, who has a nice big beard, but he didnt know it was haraam to look at women’s pictures, claiming that ‘they weren’t real women, so it is halaal to look at them’!!!

    Likewise, it is not compulsory to grow ones beard a full fist length, as long as one has something which can be classified as a ‘beard’, then that is islamically sufficient, however, the fist length is preferable…

    Also, as another example, IF A BRO is looking at the appearance of the sis, then again, just bcz she wears niqaab does not mean she is pious.

    Also, just bcz she may not be properly covered in the ‘interview’ when u go to see her, it does not mean that this is the way she normally dresses, as the strictness and obligation of the hijaab is somewhat loosened (when seeing a ‘to-be’ spouse). So just bcz she may be wearing a little/light makeup, it does not mean she does that all the time (when she is out the house). SO ASK!!!

    And, no offense to anyone, but one see’s many who look ‘practising’ but they freemix like mad! Gossip about useless things, spend countless hours in front of the tv, waste their lives not gaining knowledge, chit-chatting and backbitibng, spending (nay; wasting!) money in the markets in useless and pointless things etc.

    So be careful who you choose, scrutinize (without being offensive, arrogant or rude), and ask as many questions as u see fit…

    Sorry for a long answer…

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


  12. @ TheAuthenticbase

    you said ‘little make-up’ is allowed when a meeting a brother for marriage but where did you get it from? I read a fatwa where it says its not alllowed rather its haram because ‘to-be spouse’ is her non-mahram even if she is there with her mahram. Also, I heard a sister saying slightly tight fitted dressing is allowed but I heard Murtaza Khan clearly stating its not allowed to wear dresses which reveals the shape or to wear perfume or make – up !

    Please state your point with proof and from which shaykh you heard it.

  13. Abu Ilyaas Says:

    This may be usefull:

    Question: Is it permissible for her to wear a little makeup when a suitor comes to see her?.

    Answer: http://islamqa.com/en/ref/102369/

  14. Abu Ilyaas Says:


    [Taken from here: http://ahlalhdeeth.cc/vbe/showthread.php?t=5124%5D

    al-Bukhari (3991) and others reported this story of Subay’ah bint al-Harith:

    كتب عمر بن عبد الله بن الأرقم ، إلى عبد الله بن عتبة بخبره : أن سبيعة بنت الحارث أخبرته : أنها كانت تحت سعد بن خولة ، وهو من بني عامر بن لؤي ، وكان ممن شهد بدرا ، فتوفي عنها في حجة الوداع وهي حامل ، فلم تنشب أن وضعت حملها بعد وفاته ، فلما تعلت من نفاسها تجملت للخطاب ، فدخل عليها أبو السنابل ابن بعكك ، رجل من بني عبد الدار ، فقال لها : ما لي أراك تجملت للخطاب ، ترجين النكاح ، فإنك والله ما أنت بناكح حتى تمر عليك أربعة أشهر وعشر . قالت سبيعة : فلما قال لي ذلك جمعت علي ثيابي حين أمسيت ، وأتيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فسألته عن ذلك ، فأفتاني بأني قد حللت حين وضعت حملي ، وأمرني بالتزوج إن بدا لي

    Subay’ah bint al-Harith told him that she had been married to Sa`d bin Khawlah, and he was one of those who participated in the battle of Badr. He died during the Farewell Pilgrimage, while she was pregnant. Soon after his death, she gave birth. When she passed the postnatal term, she beautified herself for those who might propose to her. Abu As-Sanabil bin Ba`kak came to her and said, `Why do I see you have beautified yourself? Do you wish to remarry By Allah, you cannot marry unless four months and ten days have passed.” Subay`ah said, “When he said that, I dressed myself in the evening and went to Allah’s Messenger and asked him about his verdict. He gave me a religious verdict that I was allowed to marry after I had given birth to my child, saying I could marry if I wish.”

    Keep in mind this was during the Farewell Pilgrimage, which was five years after the verses ordaining hijab were revealed, and Ibn Hajar said in ‘Fath al-Bari’ (9/475):

    وفيه جواز تجمل المرأة بعد انقضاء عدتها لمن يخطبها

    “And this shows the permissibility of the woman beautifying herself for he who seeks to marry her after her waiting period is over.”

    There are narrations from Anas bin Malik, ‘Ata’, Mujahid, Qatadah, ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Zayd bin Aslam, and others saying that in such situations, this means she can wear kohl, jewelry, etc.

    And Allah Knows best.

    • After her waiting period is over…is probably suggesting beautification is allowed for women who had been married at least once before and now wish to marry again. Hence, this may not apply to Never married women.

  15. Jazakumullah for the response but what is the proof that she actually wore some make-up ? May be she just wear some elegant clothes?!

    Proof is not clear. Anyway, I would always prefer for me and other sisters to keep ourselves simple while prospective partners comes to see because these ‘light’ make-up actually hides a lot and is he going to see her in make-up 24/7 (though proof isn’t clear that sahabia wore make-up) ?!!

    Also, haya issue comes here. How can a woman wear some make-up infront of other men while normally sisters who do not wear make-up they actually become shy,very shy when ANNNY MAN looks at her face for 3 secs (which is a long time to analyse) ?!!! And jewellery is like a fashion or second nature of some of us to wear infront of men while sisters who really want NOT to get unwanted attention they don’t even wear rings in their fingers! SubhanAllah !

    Really can’t agree with the second fatwa but the first ruling is appropriate. I knew it.

  16. Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    If Ibn ‘Uthaymeen has said it is haraam, then I take my position back, and say likewise.

    Hence sisters should not put on any makeup in the presence of the prospective husband…

    JazaakAllaahu khaira to both commenters…

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

  17. So you said that the beard can be less than one fist length???

    i thought it was compulsory to have it a fist length???

  18. Also, whats the thing about the mahram BEING THERE when u speak to her?

    Is one allowed to speak to her alone?

  19. And also, lastly, what can u see of her? like can i see her without her headscarf on?

  20. @ Akhee;

    As for the length of the beard; then the scholars have differed over this issue, with a legit dfrnce of opinion.

    Some Scholars say it must be a full fist length (lets call them group ‘A’), and some say it is legit to trim it down past a fist length (lets call them group ‘B’).

    Group ‘A’ use as proof the hadeeth of the prophet (saw) where he said, ‘grow ur beards, and trim ur mustache.’

    They also use as evidence that the 5 ‘Abdullaahs (Ibn ‘Umar, Ibn ‘Abbaas, Ibn Az-Zubair, Ibn Mas’ood, and Ibn ???) used to cut their beard from below the fist.

    Group ‘B’ use as evidence the actions of some other sahaabah, lke Aboo Hurayrah, who, as is reported, used to ‘cut his beard’. These narrations don’t say that these sahaabahs used to hold a fist length, and cut below that, all these narrations say is that, for example, ‘Aboo hurayrah cut his beard’. So bcz the narration does not specify that, it must be understood that he cut it below a fist as, otherwise the narrator would have mentioned that.

  21. Group ‘A’ then object to this narration (and other like it) saying that they (these sahaabahs) have contradicted the narration of the prophet (saw), so the hadeeth is to be applied, as no one can contradict the Messenger.

    Group ‘B’ reply to this by saying that no, there is no contradiction between the hadeeth and the narration of Aboo hurayrah, bcz you yourself admit one can ‘cut’ the beard, (as they say ‘cut’ it below one fist…

    So if this action of Aboo Hurayrah os contradicting the hadeeth (bcz the hadeeth says ‘grow’ and Aboo Hurayrah ‘cut’ his beard) then likewise, these Scholars say the same to them, ‘The prophet said ‘leave’, yet ur ‘cutting’ below a fist…

    So the ikhtilaaf is here…

  22. Group ‘A’ then come in and say that the general wordings of the Prophet (saw) show us and emphasise that the beard should be long as the words used by the Prophet (saw) are words like ‘let it flow’, ‘leave it’, ‘let it grow’ etc.

    So these words imply that the beard should be long…

    So again; ikhtilaaf is here…

    Tho I am not saying that bro’s with long beards should cut them short, nor am I saying that bro’s with long beards are ignorant of these arguments running to-and-fro between the scholars.

    Likewise, these narrations of Aboo Hurayrah (and other Sahaabahs) the wording used is ‘cut’ (which implies they trimmed their beards, it does NOT, in any way, imply that they ‘shaved off’ their beards.

    I hope this has answered ur ‘fist length’ qstn…

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

  23. So what ulamaa have held the opinion that u can cut it below a fist??

  24. @ Akhee;

    If I remember correctly, ‘Alaama Shinqeetee (or maybe it was ‘Abdur-Rahmaan As-Sa’dee – can’t remember now) was of the opinion one can cut it below a fist length…

  25. Akhi authenticbase, regarding the beard thing, shudnt we explain the action of abu hurayrah in line with what the five abdulahs did? like isn’t abu hurayyrahs action open to interpretation? and then we interpret it in accordance with the specific actions of the 5?

    So shudnt it b a case of interpreting the general in accordance with the specific?


  26. @ Saleem;

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    JazaakAllaahu khaira for the question. It was something I forgot to mention.

    As for those who claim that the actions of Aboo Hurayrah who ‘cut’ his beard should be interpreted in line with the other narrations/actions of the 5 ‘Abdullaah’s because the 5 ‘Abdullaah’s narrations are ‘specific’ or ‘exact’, and Aboo Hurayrahs is open to interpretation…

    Then this line of thought is still not valid as this above rule (interpreting the general/undetailed to the specific/detailed) is only aplicable when both the ‘conflicting’ narrations are in reference to one and the same person.

    So, if there were 2 narrations, one said, ‘Aboo Hurayrah cut his beard’, and the other narrations said, ‘Aboo Hurayrah cut his beard to a fist length’ then we would interpret them both together by saying the first hadeeth should be interpreted in accordance with the second.

    But this is not the case here in this discussion, so the validity of the opinion that the beard can be shortened (not completely shaved of couse) still holds water…

    Again, jazaakAllaahu khaira for the question…

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum

  27. Marriage is scary.

  28. Assalaamu-alaikum

    Brother I know of this sister who I wish to marry, but I don’t quite know how to go around asking her and stuff.

    Basically she is always there in the weekly lectures we have in the local community centre, so I’m guessing I should ask her there???

    Any advice?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Simple, next time u have a lecture, just go have a pushups competition, a little over to the women’s side…

      If you loose, just say you were fasting…

      If you win, still say you were fasting!


      • Na bro seriously. How should i do it? She’s a really nice sister as well.

        • lol sorry. Ok try getting word out. If you have a sister or an auntie or any female mahram, ask them to ask her if she is single, and if so if she is looking to get married.

          Once she passes these^ two points, then ur mahram can ask her (the sis u wish to marry) for her mahrams number/details.

          At this point, you can be a brave man and get incontact with hre mahram (i.e, her father).

          It always works best of you know the father…

          I hope this has helped.

          Wassalaamu ‘alaykum

      • lol!

  29. Reading some of the responses above makes me wonder why do people see things like “a working women” and something bad ?? We live in a society were husband and wife are to support each other and we cant rely one just one partners income, its not enought. If one wants to have a stable relationship, then both husband and the wife should contribute to everything in the same manner eg income. It is not just a womans responsibility to have take care of children, cook and clean, its the mens job as well.

    and i am going to repeat this again- just because a woman works outside the home, does not make her more or less “Muslim”.

  30. Muslima Says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah these are great questions! Jzk for them. Also from looking at some of the comments from brothers, I know now why boys prefer girls from back home to here. It is truly sad that some boys feel that the girl has to be submissive to him (rather to Him).

    A mother once advised her daought the following and I thought it was the best advise a mother could giver her daughter for happy marriage: (something along the long of) be his slave he will be your servant; be his earth, he will be your sky.

    Brothers and sisters in Islam, begin your search for your soul mate by:
    1) knowing who you are,
    2) what you stand for,
    3) Do your research on marriage from an islamic perspective i.e. what the Quran & sunnah say about marriage and finally be truthful and honest to yourself.

    Pray istikhara and make lots of dua, only Allah swt can guide you.


  31. […] on them by comparing it against an objective model. There’s a number of views on how to do this, but there’s still no way to tell whether the person is being honest about their views or […]

  32. […] 100 Questions to Ask Prospective Husband/Wife | The … – Nov 06, 2009 · 100 Questions to Ask Prospective Husband/Wife Don’t get freaked out… and please have some mercy on your prospective husband/wife, don’t ask the questions …… […]

  33. May Allah reward you brother for such a useful website…hope everybody know about this site. I will do my best in FB so tht people know about this

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