Al-Fajr Institute

Al-Fajr Institute

Fajr Center for the Arabic Language was founded in Cairo in 1995, and affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Education with the sole purpose of teaching Classical Arabic to non-Arabic speakers .

Our Goals

Our goals are to train non-Arabic speakers to become proficient in speaking, writing, and reading the Arabic language.

Thus, enabling them to obtain entry into Arabic Universities, to teach Arabic as a second language, to obtain employment in translation services and to obtain employment in Arab countries.

Our Vision

A beacon for teaching Arabic and related disciplines to the entire world.

Why Fajr Certificate?

The Fajr Center certificate is consolidated from the Egyptian Ministry of Education and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is accredited by and affiliated to many organizations as:

* United Nations
* Al-Azhar University
* World Youth Conference
* Fulbright Organization – U.S.A.
* East University – Ukraine
* American Open University – U.S.A.
* Durham University of England
* Kiev Linguistic University – Ukraine
* Chelyabinsk University – Russian
* Minsk State Linguistic University – Belarus
* Qatari Ministry of Endowment

And many ministries of education such as: Spain; Belgium; Norway; Holland; Sweden; …; ….

Manage Your Career With Fajr:

Fajr Center takes the initiative to help students in managing their careers by designing special programs for diplomats, translators, journalists and academic students, as well as other programs which will assist students to develop and improve their skills in order to be able to start a new career, or take on a new role in their current career.

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14 Responses to “Al-Fajr Institute”

  1. does al fajar institution offer islamic studies

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      As far as I am aware it only teaches Arabic, but Allaahu ‘alam, as I’m not that familiar with non-Saudi uni’s. Sorry, I will try finding in shaa Allaah…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

  2. al-azhar Says:

    Assalamu Alaykum far as I am aware they do teach some Islamic Studies because I also studied at Al-Fajr whilst I was studying in Al-Azhar University. However I only studied arabic language at Al-Fajr but did come across other people who were studying Islamic Studies courses provided by Al-Fajr.

    • Abdallah Says:

      Assalamu alaikum. How one can prepare entrance exam to alzhar without Wasting too much time. My Arabic is intermediate level

  3. Amatullah Says:

    Are there any scholarships or fundings for students who want to study at Al-Fajr?!?

  4. i am planning on attending al fajr in a couople months, can anyone whos studied there tell me what its like please in sha Allah

  5. Assalaamu alaikum,

    my advice to those coming to egypt is not to book your flat via fajr centre as they charge ridiculous prices thinking that because your a foreigner you must have a lot of money. ie. to see a flat is free but they charge $100 to see 3 dodgy flats and this is without agreeing to rent the flat.
    also a taxi ride from the airport to the flat is around 50 egyptian pounds to a maximum 70 egyptian pounds for a mini bus provided by the airport. the fajr centre charge $50 which is 300 egyptian pounds.

    after you have come to egypt and settled down you can choose from many places to study arabic but fajr centre is the only place that offers a qualified certificate but the teaching in a group class is very slow but beneficial. other institutes offer a much quicker program for group classes and private classes. the price for private classes is usually 20 egyptian pounds, and if it is a very good teacher it might go up.

    just to know the first few weeks of coming to egypt is very hectic, a lot of money is spent and a lot of walking. so be very PATIENT. after that it should settle down and inshaAllaah you will benefit from your time there.

    • Hikmat Yar Says:

      Wa aliakums salam wa rahmatulllahi wa barakatu,
      Jazak’Allah khairn for the advices akhi, I’m also panning on signing up for Al-fajr institute and I would really appreciate if I could contact you via email and discuss some of my concerns about the institute and just basically moving to Egypt. Here’s my email: I’d be much obliged to have your assistance in this. As’salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu

  6. Assalaam alaykum. How is the situation in Egypt now? I would like to go down to study arabic/

    • AbdulKareem Says:

      Wa alaikum salaam, come bro. No dramatic problems in Cairo. I’ve been here for 3 months and everything is stable and routine as routine can be. If you come here on a airport issued visa then my advice is to visit some of the Arabic centres and talk to the foreigners as you have 1 month on the visa. Shop around and haggle.

  7. Asalamalykum

    can anyone tell me what the al fajr accomodation is like (cairo)?
    Also is the accomocation safe to leave stuff like laptop ect ?

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