The Advice Of The Mashaayikh To Salafi Publications (SPUBS)

The Advice Of The Mashaayikh To Salafi Publications (SPUBS)

Shaykh Khaalid ar-Raddaadee

O Noble Shaykh, we co-operate with a Da’eeyah (caller [to Islaam]) by the name of Dawood Adeeb, However it has reached us that some of the Mashaayikh have had gatherings warning against him, and we understand that you may be from amongst those who are warning against him. Therefore we desire to ascertain the truth of this matter and to know what our relationship should be with this Da’eeyah; Dawood Adeeb.

What we know about the brother Dawood, is that he is involved in giving Da’wah to Salafeeyah and to the Manhaj of the Salaf as well as being intent on being upon it. We never gathered to warn against him specifically; rather the issue had something to do with Salafi Publications in Britain. Salafi Publications fell into some issues that were brought up against them. There were some Manhaj points brought up against them that included Ghuloo (extremism), putting themselves forward to teaching as well as being hasty in some issues in which they were given advice in regards.

Included in this advice, is [a narration] that reached us in which Dawood Adeeb showed Ghuloo towards Salafi Publications; that they have with them a stamp of approval upon everybody whom they issue a ruling upon, whether it be a recommendation or dispraise. This is blameworthy Ghuloo, so [we spoke about him] from this perspective, as it relates to the brother Dawood. And he has come to us now and we found that he was very accommodating and receiving to advice as well as being co-operative, and he promised that he is going to make a Bayaan (clarification) that he was mistaken in this issue and that he is going to make Taubah from it and proclaim all of this publicly. This is what we hope for, and [we see] that he is intent on accomplishing this with the permission of Allaah Ta’aala.

This is what should be done by every Salaafee; that if a mistake/fault is made clear to him, he retracts from it. So what happened is just as I have said; Dawood was not spoken about specifically, rather it was an advice directed to Salafi Publications and those who are in charge of it, which consisted of some of the issues that they fell into from Ghuloo, being hasty in some issues, and also what relates to putting oneself forward to teaching and giving Fatwaa by those who are neither qualified to do so nor have the ability to engage in this affair (giving Fataawa and teaching). And so we had given them advice, and they promised us that they would write something to show that they have retracted from a lot of these issues, and we are still waiting for them to proclaim publicly their retraction as well as their Taubah from some issues and errors that they fell into.



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