Yasir Qadhi Leaves Tony Blair Stumbled

Yasir Qadhi Leaves Tony Blair Stumbled

“Tony Blair discusses religious exclusion after a student asks how we can make people genuinely love and care about one another when they believe those outside their faith traditions are outside God’s grace.”

Exploring the nature of religious exclusion

Funny how he cant cope without his prepared speach… lol

2 Responses to “Yasir Qadhi Leaves Tony Blair Stumbled”

  1. Valid question, best intents yet in-practical answer, like Mr. Yasir said and as tony blair repeated about the exculionaries, which are the majority in almost all faith, claiming “it’s our-way or hell’s-way.” Mr. Tony spoke about finding commonalities and whether exclusions are based on doctrine or attitude. I like what Mr. Tony said “people can find ways but if you want to.
    I’m a Muslim and i’m related to jews and christians, their prophets and messiahs are part of my faith. I firmly believe that if we are missing being-human, yet using our cruelties under the name of divine. Yasir Qazi asked what practical steps we can take and this should be a question all faiths asking,
    Step 1. Educating people about cultural norms of the society people live in and bringing them off the high pedestal. Somehow all religions share that, their way is the only way and rest of the 5-6 billions are destine to hell. As they have
    Step 2. Centralizing religious education, only authorized entities, institute allowed.
    Step 3. Shutting down Madrasas/Churches/Synagogues that teaches hate and exclusions, causing distress, especially in USA they are nothing but producing troubles for the most part.
    I wish, I can show what I see, if we’re not going to monitor all this then know that for sure, human specie is in big trouble.
    We will be the reason of our demise.
    Einstein said, If human beings are to survive then we must rethink of our future.

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