About The Islamic University Of Madinah

About The Islamic University Of Madinah

Lots more information can be found at their website http://www.iu.edu.sa/, although the English site is still heavily under construction.

Assuming that you know a little bit about the university, I’ll restrict this page to the aspects of study that most people ask about.

For non-Arabic speakers, there is a mandatory 2 year Arabic course. The course has the same conditions as entrance to the university, and guarantees acceptance on the degree course, providing that the student passes the exams with a reasonable grade. Even if you decide not to apply, following the course material privately is well worth considering, even if it means that you do it in your own country with a teacher. When done with a proper teacher, and in a good environment, the course can have you on your way to fluency in just two years full time study. The entire syllabus is available here, as well as on the university website (to some extent). Update: I just added a new site to the “Useful links” – Madinah International University, which is an online effort to replicate the syllabus of the Islamic university. Their entire website is excellent, especially the Arabic language component.

The 2 year Arabic course is split into four terms, with each term representing one level of Arabic. Within each level there are several subjects, all of them are taught with the intention of developing the necessary Arabic skills to be able to study with the Arab students on the degree course.

The entire teaching and administration in the University is done in Arabic from the first day you arrive (including the exams!). This immersion in the language allows you to learn a lot quicker…there’s nothing like going hungry for a day or two to teach you how to ask for food.

Allowances are made in the first two years, and you will find yourself in an environment where most of the students are only learning Arabic. However, once the two year programme is completed, you will be expected to speak, write, and understand Arabic proficiently, and few allowances will be made if you don’t.

It is always a good idea to learn a few lessons from the Arabic course before you apply, and even more so if you get accepted. This eases the transition into a foreign environment.

Upon graduating from the Arabic language course, you will receive a diploma in the Arabic language. In your final term, you will be asked about your choice of degree, and given a short interview to decide which faculty you are going to study in.

There are five faculties in the university. All of the five share common subjects, but there are extra lessons a week in your specialist subject area.

1. The Faculty of Hadith – specialises the study of hadith & related sciences (such as narrators etc)
2. The Faculty of Shari’ah (Islamic Law)
– specialises in fiqh & related sciences (such as judging etc)
3. The Faculty of Da’wah & Fundamentals of the Religion – specialises in aqeedah (belief/creed)
4. The Faculty of Qur’aan – specialises in the sciences of reading the Qur’aan & tafseer
5. The Faculty of Arabic Language – specialises in the Arabic language (such as poetry, grammar etc)

Notes on the faculties:

* To enter the faculty of Qur’aan you must have memorised the entire Qur’aan (or most of it).
* The first two faculties are widely accepted to be the most difficult in terms of work load and memorisation.
* The faculty of Shari’ah is the largest faculty and probably the most competitive in terms of places.

The degree course is a BA, to be completed in four years. The university has now changed to a modular system, so there are eight terms which contain various modules of different weights, which are then calculated to produce an overall grade. This is similar to the system used in most western universities.

The general week is no more than 25 hours, 5 hours Saturday-Wednesday from 7.30am-12.30am. Thursday & Friday is the weekend in Saudi. At degree level, there are a limited amount of free periods, with most terms being around 22 hours per week.

The term times vary. At the moment, the term starts 10 days after the end of Ramadhaan, and breaks up for Hajj, with first term exams falling a few weeks after Hajj. The exams are followed by a couple of weeks break, and then the new term begins. There is a short break in the middle of the term. The second term exams fall at the beginning of June.

The university provides every student with a free ticket to their home country once a year (normally used in the summer). The student can apply to travel at their own expense in most of the term breaks (eg. Hajj time). However, this is subject to acceptance by a committee, and may be refused.

The university also provides accommodation for single students (inshaa Allah some photos will be posted here soon), and a monthly stipend of 840 riyals (approx £150, $225), paid throughout the year (even during holidays). This is just about enough for a single student.

Having completed the application form, kindly forward it directly to the appropriate University (details below) as we do not, and will not, accept any applications via this site as we have no legal authority to do so.

Dean of Admissions
Islaamic University of Madeenah
P.O. Box 170
al-Madeenah an-Nabawiyyah
Saudi Arabia

Telephone (main switchboard):
00-966-4-847 0131

It may help if you write the following details (in Arabic) below, to one side of the envelope as this is simply the Arabic equivalent of the details listed in English above:






For more info on Madinah University please visit:

1) http://soyouwanttobeastudent.wordpress.com/

2) http://www.madinahstudent.co.uk/

To download the application form, please visit:


Wassalaam o alaykum and all the best to see you succeed!


95 Responses to “About The Islamic University Of Madinah”

  1. Abū Maymūnah Says:

    Salaamun ‘Alayk akhee,

    You’ve applied for the Jaami’ah right…inshaAllaah admission for this year (2010/2010), sa7 ?

    Abu Maymunah

    • Wa alaykum assalaam wa rahmatUllaahi wa barakaatuh,

      Do du’aa I get accepted insha-Allaah. Either in Jaami’at-ul-Islaamiyya (Madeenat-ul-Munawwarah) or Umm Al-Qura (Makkat-ul-Mukarramah).

      May Allaah keep us all steadfast upon His deen, ameen.

      Wassalaam o ‘alaykum.

      P.s. Who is this? Seriously… No seriously, the name “Abu Maymoonah” doesn’t ring a a bell…

      • InshaaALlaah.

        lol…not suprising it doesn’t ring a bell. I just came across ur posts on br. Muhammad Humble’s blog.

        Thought could keep in contact…alhamdulillaah I’ve applied 4 this year too.

  2. Pliz if possible send e announcements and notification of activities taking place at your university.

    Ahmad Mapira

  3. salam

    How much do we have to pay for this course?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      The cost of the course is free…
      The cost of the flight is free…
      The cost of accommodation is free…
      The cost of the yearly round visits to your home country is free…
      The cost of the 3 Madeenah Arabic Books (for non-Arabic speakers) is free (if I remember correctly)…

      Furthermore, you get paid monthly stipends which they pay to you (roughly £850 a month). However for the first few months, this gets delayed, so one needs to take money with them…

      Food costs…
      Extra books you wish to buy, costs…

      That’s all I can remember for now…

      May Allaah make it easy for all of us, ameen Allaahumma ameen.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum


      • Othman kaka katana Says:

        Asalam aleykum,my names are Othman kaka katana would like to apply for the Arabic course,am ayoung muslim where by iwould like to knw and read the Quraan in arabic,soa to get more understanding,currently am wrking in saudi arabia.

  4. Salam

    thanx very much for your answer, just last question how many years is this course, i dont speak arabic so i have to start with the college right but then how many years would i be in university?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      The Islamic study course (in one of the departments) is for a period of 4 years. However for those who do not know how to speak Arabic, there is a two year Arabic course. For those who do not know how to even read or write Arabic, there is another pre-course for them (which, if I remember correctly is for another 2 years).

      So in total, it’s 6 years for those who can read and write arabic but dont understand the language.

      And a total of 8 years for those who dont know how to read or write the language as well.

      May Allaah ugide us all, ameen.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum


  5. Salam bro

    where can i get the application forms to fill in for this course in order to get a place.


  6. Salam bro

    May Allah bless you for your help, i got the application form whats the address that i need to send to as it does say on the forms?

    thank you


  7. Salam bro

    i dont want to be rude but there is no address on the form i look at the top page and there is no yellow box. At the top page it begins with name etc and so on.

    • Assalaam o alaykum,

      Akhee your not being rude… I meant to say at the top of THIS page, not at the top of the application form… Lemmie try copying and pasting it here in this dialogue box… One sec….

      Ok bro here you go;

      Also write the English as well:

      Dean of Admissions
      Islaamic University of Madeenah
      P.O. Box 170
      al-Madeenah an-Nabawiyyah
      Saudi Arabia

      Click here for more info…

      Remember, the best time to apply (to get accepted in for Ramadhaan 1432/2011) would be around Ramadhaan/Shawaal time… I.e., within the next few months…

      I hope this has helped…

      Also check out this page, for it has very useful info…

  8. Salam bro

    some how i find it hard to be true, all this were my plane and others things will be paid for in order for me to studie in madina university, how shall i know if its true?

    • Wa ‘alaykum assalaam,

      Its as true as true can be bro…

      If you’re in doubt, you can always apply and find out… *smile*

      We (the Muslims) were the first ones to start the concept of a stipend (nowadays known as a “grants” or “student loans (without the insurance of course)”…

      Financing students of knowledge was a practise started by ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab (ra) during his beautiful, golden, blessed reign…

      And wa lilaahil humd, the Kingdom is upholding this…

  9. salam,

    thanx for the reply, i understand so what things would i have to pay for incase i get a place inshallah?

    • Wa ‘alaykum assalaam,

      For the first two/three months you will not get paid your stipend as it wil come late, so taking about a grand would be wise of you…

      Likewise, money for food, clothes, books, pens, recorders etc will be needed, tho once you get your monthly stipends that should suffice inshaa Allaah…

      So just a grand for the first few months is needed, thereafter watch the Riyaals roll in! *smile*

      May Allaah make it easy for you, ameen Allaahumma ameen.

      Also, its best to apply around Ramadhaan time, so if you can get all your documents and stuff ready by then, inshaa Allaah you could be considered for acceptance in Shawaal 1432 (next year)…

      Please remember me in your du’aas, as this is the second time I’m applying. . . May Allaah cause me to be accepted for this year… Ameen

      The prophet (saw) mentioned that he who does du’aa for his brother, then an angel is appointed to him who says ‘ameen, and you too’. [Muslim?]

      Do du’aa that I get accepted for this year in Madeenah uni… And may you also be accepted.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum bro,


  10. abu abdurahman Says:

    do you have any contacts that are studying in the university because i’ve just been told that the university is going to be accepting a large amount of students for this coming year.

    i’ve also applied for this year

  11. abu abdurahman Says:

    do you no how the university will be telling people if they have been accepted?

    also some people are saying just before ramadan and some are saying middle of july (the notification of the accepted students). did you hear anything?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum akhee,

      Allaahu ‘alam exactly when the list would be out. Ramadhaan time seems like the usual norm tho. When it does come out, I’ll post it on this blog inshaa Allaah.

      As for a larger amount of accepted students, then in all honesty, I’ve not been keeping myself up-to-date this year with everything happening in the Kingdom. So Allaahu ‘alam again bro… Tho What I do know is that new dorms are/were being built in the Uni… Whether that’s been done or not, I have no information of… Sorry bro… But I’ll try finding out…

      Sorry for the delay responding…

      Keep me in your du’aas bro,

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


  12. As-salam Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu,

    I wanted to know if Sisters are also allowed to apply to such programs because the application itself does not specify the gender of the applicant.

    Also, is there an age limit. What if you are in Law School or Medical School- can you still apply to the University after you complete the above said schooling.

    JazakAllahu Kheiryun for your time.

  13. mujaahid Says:


    i would like to know when the names of the accepted students will be released,as i have applied and i am waiting . i am from south africa. i would appreciate it if i can be notified. shukran wslm

    • Wa ‘alaykum ussalaam wa rahmat Ullaahi wa barakaatuh,

      Yh, the list shud b out around ramadhaan time. I’ll post it on here as soon as it comes out inshaa Allaah…

      Keep me in ur du’aas bro,

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


  14. abdullahi Says:


  15. Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

    I just remembered I said that I would put the list on this post once it comes out.. Sorry for the delay but you can find the accepted students here:


    Choose the country and click ‘Submit’

    Again, sorry for the delayed response…

    Wassalaamu ‘alaykum

  16. Assalamu aleikum! for what date there are registration tot he nearest study year?

  17. there info at site – soyouwanttobeastudent.wordpress.com! Allah akbar!

  18. salamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu,

    please i want to know went are going to start admission, arabic program.


    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      so sorry for the late reply, but the admission for each new year of students starts at Shawaal time…

      I hope this has answered ur question.

      Sorry again for such a late response…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


  19. Azemuldin Says:

    This is amazingly helpful…

    Jazak Allah

  20. how old do you have to be to go to university.

  21. assalamu alaikum
    where is the syllabus? I could not find it

  22. Mohamed Says:

    salam alaykum akhi i heard they only take application through their manhateen program on the uni website plz verify

    • Irshad Rashid Says:

      Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

      I want to Insha Allah apply to the Islamic University of Madinah for the years of 2012/2013 (1433/1434) since I am in Grade 11 currently. Can someone please tell me when I should apply online? Jazakallahu Khairan.

      • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

        Apply around Muharram time, that is the best time to apply. Print out aplication form, fill it in, attach all required docs and post it to the uni. Address provided above.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      The uni is in the process of changing their way of receiving aplications from post to online app. forms. When however this would be taken into effect, Allaahu ‘alam. I’ll try finding out for you inshaaAllaah.

      • Irshad Rashid Says:

        Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

        Jazakallahu Khairan Akhi, Insha Allah I will be accepted and the rest of the other students that are applying; Ameen.

  23. assalamu alaikum
    can you give infomation on some online islamic courses or degrees

  24. Mohamed Farah Says:

    asalamu alaykum i want to apply to medina university put i am a permanent resident in the USA and i dont have a passport so inshallah can u give me some advice

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Oooh, Tough one… Allaahu ‘alam bro, Im from the UK and there are many differences when applying from UK and the US. I believe there is a blog set up by some American students in Madeenah. I’ll try finding out what the blog is for you inshaaAllaah.

      If I aint replied to u in a week, please do remind me again.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

    • Here’s the link bro:


      InshaaAllaah they should be able to help out better than me…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.


  25. Goher Iqbal Says:

    Aslam o alikum.
    I Mr gohar iqbal research scholar of jamia Millia Islamia. Want to vist Madhina university

  26. I am a older-non traditional student at 44 years old. I came to Islam over 5 years ago and have a strong desire to learn Arabic and more about my deen. I live in Las Vegas where there are “limited” resources for learning. It is my understanding that 25 is the age limit for the Madinah University. Are there ANY universities in the Kingdom that would accept me? Jezakallahu Kair.
    May Allah Bless you for your efforts.


    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      The uni isn’t that strict on reverts as it is on born-muslims, but 44 is quite an age. Allaahu ‘alam about your case. Sorry bro, but try ringing the uni and asking them personally…

  27. Assalamu aleikum I just want to no what is the cost to study at Madinah University and how long does it take many thank’s

    • Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,

      The cost is free, the only thing you would need to pay for is your food. Accommodation and flights to and fro from your country to Madeenah are all paid for by the government…

  28. Asalamu Alaykum Brother
    May Allah Reward you for giving this Info.
    I have a Question i’m currently reading in 12th and Inshallah this Year i will finish 12th can you tell me in which month should i apply then. I will finish my 12th in around January 2012.

  29. when will the admissions start?// admissions of 2011?

  30. Could I apply when i’m 17? im living in the UK and the application process is so confusing could you direct me to a website or could someone tell how to go about to apply for 2012 or 2013? Thank you.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Yes you can apply when you’re 17. 17 is a good age to apply in, a bro I know applied and was accepted at 17.

      Akhee the process is quite simple, start off by printing out the application form, and getting your required docs ready (photocopy of passport, photocopy of birth certificate, photocopy of school/college grades, a doctors health certificate, 6 passport size photographs), but if you require further help, you can get in touch with the bro behind this blog:


      All the best bro…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

  31. Anwar Aziz Says:

    Assalamu alaiykum akhi
    Jazakallah for such helpful info, i want to apply for year next year insha allah,i have a question i know basic Arabic will i too have to complete two years Arabic course?
    and after completing will i directly get admission into degree course?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Unless you believe your arabic is perfect, in the sense that you can read, write, speak and understand it well, then you will have to do the two year arabic course. However if your arabic is good or average, then you can also skip just one year of the arabic course.

  32. ndali adel Says:

    salaam alaykoum
    my brother i ‘m older then 25 could there be a way so i can enjoy the teachings of the university?

  33. and should i just fil in the aplly formular and send it? and some thing els i don’t know mush of the coran i mean i dont have a lot memorized.. would that be a problem agi

    • 1) Yes just fill it in and send it provided you have all the other required docs as well.

      2) The more you know the better, as it shows them how eager you are on deen. Though it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

  34. hi

    I am a student at tiba University

    I have search about students on scholarship .. (Foreign students

    My colleagues and I are looking for a students answer our questions ..

    I hope that I find what I want here because I really do not know where can I find one helps us in the search

    This e-mail address for anyone who wants to volunteer to answer questions

    send a message to this email … sho_hod@hotmail.com


  35. Assalamu alaikum warhmatullahi wabarkatuh ya ahbabal madeenatul munawara wa ya jamiya islamiya madeenatul munawara antum ansaruhum wa ansaru min nasal masaallah antum qareebum min nabe sallallahu alihi wasallam ya ahbabbl madeena eni ureedu fe jamiya islamiya madeenatul munawwara al hamdu lllah ana kullu yhfazul quranu l kareem biham dehi taala al aan ana qari tu duri hadeecsareef fe jamiya islamiya mazahirul uloom sharanfur fe bila dil hind wa bada sana ureedu fe jamiya islamiya madeenatul munwwara uniewr city ya ahbabal ansas unsurni insaallah nasar tu yumul qiyama al hamdu lllah ana lagtul arabi qalilan ana hatif no +009738627280 +007417834332 ana skype id hafizsyed.saifullahzuhair ana aki kabeer lagtul arabiya jiddan masaallah huwa hatif no +009980040732 ya ah babal ansar qari tu fe jamiya islamiya madeenatul munawwara lllahi li azzintukum ya ahbabl ansar li sakartukum ya ahbabl madeena tul munawwara ana muntazir jawabukum wassalamu alikum warahmatullahi wa barkatuh

  36. Assalamuaalaikum. I read about age entry requirments to your university. As much as I am disappointed with it, I do understand the valid reasons you have for older students who are tied up with their life & relationship commitments. Nevertheless, I am still seeing many lights for my case if my situation is seriously considered by your university.

    I am a matured candidate residing in Singapore for the last 47 years; healthy as I exercise and watch my diet seriously. I am a single parent who have two grown up children of aged 23 and 18 years old. All these years, I had devoted my life to worldly commitments such as my career & family. Since many years now, I had this longing desire to divert my focus on Islamic both studies & spiritually as I do not want to extend my endeavours to never-ending worldly things. I aspire not doing it blindly but with full of knowledge. Now, the timing is right for me to focus on myself as my children are grown up.

    Borned Muslim who receives little education in Islamic due to the pressure of living in a cosmopolitan environment and country that demands life goals apart from being a true, proper and religious Muslim.

    As much as I do understand your selection process and protocol, I very much would like to receive your support for me to embrace my life goal to the next levels.

    Please do direct me to necessary application process as it deemed fit. I am reachable via personal email as provided on the form before submitting this post.

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards
    Hayati Omar

  37. Salaam alaykum; brother
    when will d names of those that registered for 2012/2013 come out in shaa Allah.
    Thank you masallam

  38. Danish Qureshi Says:


    My name is Danish Qureshi, from Miami, FL. Alhumdulilah I was in Madinah in the month of April 2012 and had the opportunity to interview for the Jamiah. The application number I was given is ——–. My question is what should be my next step?

    When might I be contacted and how?

    I’ve heard the school year starts in September, will I be eligible for this year or September 2013?

    Jazak ALLAH Khair

  39. Danish Qureshi Says:


    Brother I just left a comment a few minutes ago, I included my application number in that comment and just now realized that wasnt such a good idea.

    If you can, can you somehow not make my application number public, Jazak ALLAH Khair.

  40. selam wallakum does any one here from canada know AAMIR AZHAR ZAIDI email


    i applied to madina munawara university and i want check the names of accepted students

  42. محمد شيخ حسن Says:

    Assalamu Aleeykum bro. When is the best time to apply for the University?

  43. Australian muslim Says:

    aslamu 3alikum brothers sisters… i am 30 years old from Australia

    i love islam and i want to study in Saudie arabia…

    anyone knows how?

    please show me.

    i am not married…

    i will do anything just to go and study there…

    replay to me
    or email me to inkmate@live.com

    jazakum ALLAH khair.

  44. Abdulazeez Afunso Says:

    How can I get the admission form to the university of madinah and can a couple study together with scholarship in Saudi Arabia?

  45. mountainofknowledge Says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    Application Form for the Islamic University of Madinah, KSA. & online application:

  46. Sister Seeking KnowledgeBintou Mohamud Says:

    Asalamu calaykum is their any news regarding the establishment of a women section a Univeristy Of Madinah??

  47. SunnahSister Says:

    Maashaa Allaah!!

    Asalaam aleikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu!

    How much is the fees for enrollment of the two years Arabic course?

  48. Salaam walaykum, when will they close the aplications for 2013-2014? And will theyn publish the list? And were you accepted last year?

  49. SeekingKnowledgeOfIslam Says:

    Asalamu calaykum is their any news regarding the establishment of a women section at University Of Madinah??

  50. I truly believe for students to become better learners we need to better educate the educators. We can affect a

    greater and more lasting change in education . So we need better Teach.

    Thinks for this. Awesome post. So many good things i learn from it. I will come back soon.

  51. Asalaam aleikum
    can any one tell me when list of selected students is uploaded for this year!

  52. FAIZ UR RAHMAN Says:

    what is the selection date for new comers students 2013/2014….???

  53. Assalam Alikom , do they have en e-mail or how you do it to Apply as an international student ? =)

  54. when will madinah islamic university anounced list of accepted students of the year 2013-2014?

  55. Salaamu allaykum, Still no list available??

  56. i have applied but i haven’t seen any reply why?

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