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Thousands Of Football Matches Fans Abandon (Friday) Salaat

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Thousands Of Football Matches Fans Abandon (Friday) Salaat

By Shaykh Mashhur Hasan Aal-Salmaan

[Taken from “The Clarified Ruling Of Mistakes Done In Salaah”, Pp. 305-309]

The fans of football matches -the number of which may reach hundreds of thousands- crowd in the stadiums and when the ’Athaan calls them for Salaat, they respond not to it due to the paralysis in their minds and the blunting of their emotions, for what?! Only for being hideously fanatic to this or that team. Even the members of the same family, each cheers a team different from the other. The matter even gets worse when the supporters of the winning team make fun of the loosing one then severe fights follow immediately, the consequences of which are hundreds of casualties and deaths. The whole thing was plotted in order to busy the Islamic ’Ummah with trivials instead of being occupied with its great mission; namely fighting its enemies and solving its serious issues.

Accordingly, the ’Ummah looses its sense of pride and honour due to wasting alot of money and precious time on trivialities. Had these two factors been utilized properly, the Islamic ’Ummah would have been ahead of the developed nations in various domains.
Consequently, great values have been altered, the “hero” these days is the one who plays football professionally and hence makes a fortune (!!) not the one who sincerely defend the ’Ummah’s pride and honour. Indeed, Islaam does not agree on such unbalanced false values; in Islaam every human being receives what he deserves with no excessiveness nor negligence.

To conclude, football now has become one of the destructive hoes which our enemies are using in order to destroy the Islamic ’Ummah encouraging other nations to do the same.

The thirteenth protocol in “Protocolaat Hukamaa’ Suhyun” is a hard evidence on this. It states:

“ … and in order to keep crowds in their walking through the abys of astray, knowing nothing about the serious issues that concern them nor what should they be establishing, we are going to occupy them with trivial things, through establishing ways of fun, developing exciting games, various kinds of sports and encouraging them build great palaces and fascinating buildings, all with the help of mass media inviting crowds to sport matches, art galleries …’ etc. (1)

Dear brother, your enemies plan to lead you astray that you never see “light”. Through abandoning the Jumu‘ah Salaat, you are helping them achieve this purpose and hence a seal [be cast] on your heart that it no more receives goodness nor Allaah’s (swt) mercy touches it; consequently, it becomes impure and an absorbent of every evil. Indeed, we seek Allaah’s (swt) refuge from all this.

The apparent meaning of the aforementioned Ahaadith is that whoever does not present himself on Friday Salaat three times without having any Shar‘ excuse, his heart will be sealed and one will be of those ghaafilin and hypocrites. These three times are not necessarily successive ones, they could be separate – as some scholars held even if these three took place each in a different year; this heart will be sealed after the third time.

Ibn Abbaas’s Athar is a hard evidence for those who held that the three times should be successive ones.

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Watching Football Matches & The Wasting Of Time

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Watching Football Matches & The Wasting Of Time

By Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen

After rebuking those who delay their prayer because of the football matches that they play at sports clubs, Sheikh Al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) says:

‘And I divert away from this (subject of those who delay their prayers) to what some of the people who are spectators also do. If they (the spectators at football matches) 1 know that there are matches out there that will take place, for example, after ‘Asr, we hear that some of the spectators come before Dhuhr and sit and do not pray. And I believe that in this situation, it is imperative for the administration of the sports club to close the door, and that the door not be opened except at the beginning of the match after the prayer, so that there is no excuse for anyone to be present in the sports club and he leaves the prayer and does not pray.

As for the one who is present in the sports club and he prays with the congregation in the sports club or in a mosque close to it, there is no problem for this one, even though I say, according to my own frame of mind, that indeed, being preoccupied with watching (football) matches, it is nothing but the wasting of time.

(This is) because you do not gain from it anything which is material and worldly, nor anything which is religious and from the hereafter. Rather, you waste the most precious of things which you have with you. And the most precious of things which a person has, is his lifespan; his lifespan, which is not equivalent to wealth and children.

And listen to the Saying of Allah, The Mighty and The Majestic:

Until when death comes to one of them he says: ‘My Lord, send me back so that perhaps I may do good in that which I have left behind.’’2

Will he (the person who dies) say: ‘My Lord send me back so that perhaps I may seek pleasure in my wealth’?

Answer! (The people in the audience say ‘no’)

No…will he say: ‘My Lord send me back so that perhaps I may seek pleasure with my wives’? No. Will he say: ‘My Lord send me back so that perhaps I may seek pleasure in my children and enjoy their company’? Never. (Rather, he will say):

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The Life Of Imam Abu Hanifah (Ra), By Abu Usamah At-Thahabi

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The Life Of Imam Abu Hanifah (Ra), By Abu Usamah At-Thahabi

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Tour Of Madinah University

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Tour Of Madinah University

Part 1:

Part 2:

Da’wah – A Wake Up Call

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Da’wah – A Wake Up Call

Part 1:

Part 2:

Uncovering The Organs Of Prostration, By Sh. Mashhur Hasan Aal-Salmaan

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Uncovering The Organs Of Prostration

By Sh. Mashhur Hasan Aal-Salmaan

Some hold that it is an obligation to uncover some of the parts upon which a muslim prostrates him self while doing Sujud, and that one must do Sujud on the earth or whatever is of its kind.

’Anas (ra) said: ‘We used to perform Salaat led by the prophet (saw) under the scorching heat of the sun. Whenever we did Sujud, we used to spread a part of our clothes on the ground to prostrate on due to the ground’s burning heat’.(1)

Ash-Shawkaani said: ‘[The Fuqahaa’] infered from this hadith the permissibility for the one performing Salaat to prostrate himself on a part of his clothes. An-Nawawi stated that this opinion was held by Abu Hanifah and the Jumhur. Ash-Shafi‘i held the same opinion provided that the cloth on which one prostrates be separated from one’s own clothes.

There is no contradiction whatsoever between the aforementioned hadith and the one that states: ‘We complained to the prophet (saw) from the scorching heat of the ground that our fore heads and hands got hurt from, but he (saw) did not respond to our complaint’.(2)

The Sahaabah complained for the prophet (saw) that he may delay performing the Salat till the heat decreases when the sun declines; they did not ask his permission to use a piece of cloth on which one may prostrate for this was already permitted; for it is affirmed that he (saw) used to perform his Salaat on a khumrah [piece of cloth]’.(3)

The aforementioned hadith that begins with “I was ordered to prostrate my self on seven [bones]…” indicates that one does not have to uncover these parts when doing prostration for prostration means that these parts should touch the ground.

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One Ma’mum Should Stand To The Imaam’s Right Side, By Sh. Mashhur Hasan Aal-Salmaan

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One Ma’mum Should Stand To The Imaam’s Right Side

By Sh. Mashhur Hasan Aal-Salmaan

If there is only one praying muslim with the Imaam, he should stand to the Imaam’s right side, this is the Sunnah as related by Ibn ‘Abbaas (ra) whose narration Al-Bukhaari reported in his Sahih under the title “One Ma’mum should stand to the Imaam’s right side”,(Bukhari, Vol. 2 / p. 190) not a step backwards nor a step forward.(Fathul Bari, Vol.2 / p. 190) This Sunnah is supported by the following points:

(1) Had the Sunnah been otherwise [at the prophet () time], it would have been related by the Sahaabah who were led by the prophet (saw) so often.

(2) It is affirmed through many ahaadith -such as the one narrated by Ibn ‘Abbaas (ra)- that the prophet (saw) said to him: ‘What is the matter! I’am trying to make you stand beside me but you are retreating backwards’(1) It was also narrated in the two Sahihs of Bukhaari and Muslim that the prophet (saw) once turned Jaabir to his right side when the later stood to his left side. Imaam Muslim said: ‘The Sunnah as narrated by Ibn ‘Abbaas is that the Ma’mum should stand to right side of the Imaam, not to his left’(2) if he was the only one to be led by the Imaam.

Ibn Dawyaan stated the same thing relating the aforementioned two ahaadith.(3)

(3) This Sunnah was earnestly followed and practiced by the Sahaabah such as: Abdullaah Ibn ‘Utbah Ibn Mas‘ud who said: ‘I entered ‘Umar’s house at noon and found him performing Salaat, I joined him and stood behind him. He (ra) then pulled me and made me stand exactly to his right side’.(4)

Abdir Razzaaq related that Ibn Juraij asked ‘Ataa’: ‘If there was one Ma’mum with the Imaam, where should the former stand? ‘Ataa’ said: ‘To the Imaam’s right’.

Ibn Juraij asked: ‘Should he stand exactly beside him not a step backward or forward?

‘Ataa’ said: ‘Yes’.

Ibn Juraij then asked: ‘Very close to him, that no gab is to exist between them?’.

‘Ataa’ said: ‘Yes, Indeed’.(5)

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