Princess Noora Bint Abdur-Rahman University Scholorship Program, Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia

Please visit: for information on this university, as well as the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education page here.

Princess Noora Bint Abdur-Rahman University Scholorship Program,
Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia

(Looking for serious sisters uunder 30 years of age who are interested in learning Arabic and Islamic Studies)


Air fair, room and board, monthly stiffan, and
Sponsorship for husbands and/or mahrams


$700-$1000 for processing and domestic affairs (VISAS)

All applicants will need to submit copies of passports, Highschool diplomas or ged birth certificate, and any college transcripts

All documenrs and fees for September 2010,

Admission must be submitted by Febuary 28, 2010

For admissions September 2011, all documents must be submitted by the end of March 2010 (NO EXCEPTIONS)

For further information please contact: Umm Maryam Rasheedah (Saudi Consultant) 011966535300346 OR Umm Muhammad Naimah,

Please visit:


Until Further Notice, No-One Should Apply To This, As It Is Possibly A Scam

I Will, However, Leave This On My Blog For A While So That Other People Who May Not Be Aware That This Is Fake, And Have Probably Come Across It Somewhere Else, Know Of This


86 Responses to “Princess Noora Bint Abdur-Rahman University Scholorship Program, Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia”

  1. I wish I could study there! I wish! Other day, a sis was asking me whether I’m from saudi or not as I talk about saudi a lot! This post made me so upset subhanAllah…. some dreams may be never come true!

    • Salamualaykum..subhanallah what is going on fear Allah. You have no proof of this being a scam. I personally by the will of Allah got into the university under these sisters, May Allah reward them..and here we are backbitting. Sister dont listen to everything you hear..dont follow the people for the people change like the weather..ask Allah to guide you…

  2. Isn’t this a scam?

  3. Why do you say its a scam?

  4. May Allah reward you abudantly! Yes please keep it there so people who do a search can find out for themsselves inshallah.

    So sad to see scammers trying to make money thru the desperation of people seeking knowledge and using email names like “umi” which really dull the scam rader senses for the majority of us.

    • UmmAbdullah Says:

      Sister, it’s not a scam.

      Hopefully this is a lesson for all of us to first have some real evidence before we call others scammers. Yes, the sister could have been more specific about what the money is for, however, it could be that this was the info she got (about how much it would cost).

      In my opinion, the best way is to come and apply in person or have your documents ready so that brothers and sisters who live in Riyadh can take it in for you.

      Remember, the end of this academic year is approaching so a lot of brothers and sisters are going back to their countries so inshaAllah make use of this opportunity and prepare the necessary documents for them to take it for you. I’m sure they would be more than happy to help you in seeking Islamic knowledge.
      That way, no money is involved and you still get to apply inshAllah.


  5. Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah says about this Princess Noora Uni:

    “wa ‘alaikum as-salam

    I have been reliably informed that the information contained in this email is inaccurate and most likely some type of scam. It has been inadvertently forwarded on by many people. Anyone who is interested in studying should contact the university directly and not go via the contacts listed.

    Abu Rumaysah”

    Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah is a lecturer at As-Sabeel seminars. You can see the latest seminar here:

    • UmmAbdullah Says:

      Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

      I work in Princess Noura University and I can confirm that it is all true. The scholarship is real. I have met some sisters from the west that are studying Arabic at the moment and inshaAllah they’re going to move on to the Islamic degree when they complete the Arabic course.

      When I do get the exact information with regards to requirements then inshaAllah I will share the info.

      The reason for all this confusion is simple; In KSA, communication is bad. There are 14 buildings and so it’s very difficult to know what’s going on. Even my students (Saudis who have been attending the uni for nearly 1 year) are not aware that westerners study in PNU.


      • JazaakAllaahu khaira…

        Please feel free to ‘admin’ the comments here on this page and respond to comments where necessary…


          • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

            Yes I can delete it, just post a reply on the comment which is yours and I will delete it next time I am online.

            Though please be patient with me as my current situation does not allow me to be online as much as I used to.

      • Rayhana M. Paramata Says:

        Assalamo’alaykom! sister in Islam can you send me a copy of the application form… here’s my email address

        Jazakillahu khayr fiddunya wal akhirat…ameen

        EDIT: I’ve deleted your email from here as its best sisters don’t give their emails out in public, but I’ll fwd your email to the sister inshaaAllaah…

        Update: I emailed the sister and cc’d you in inshaaAllaah…

      • Assalamo’alaykom sister in Islam… I would just like to ask regarding the age limit that Princess Norah University is accepting. Is it true that they don’t allow applicants whose age exceeds 25? how about in my case that i was born on Feb. 18, 1987; can i still apply? jazakillahu khair ya ukht

      • sir i want to get admission in noura university please help me

      • Salam sister,

        I am 29 years, do you think I have any chance of getting accepted to study Arabic at Princess Noura University?

      • Barirahkasim Says:

        Asassalamalikum sister
        I want to know when does pnu informs us wethr v r selected or not?
        How many month do they take???

      • I want to study in pnu…need some info regarding that…I will be highly grateful for your response

  6. seeking knowledge Says:

    does anyone have contact information on the university?

    • UmmAbdullah Says:

      Salaamu Alaikum

      I have the application form but I do not know how to attach it here.

      •One photocopy of your High School diploma and transcripts which document a B-level grade point average.
      •At least one letter of recommendation from a known Islamic organization or personality.
      •The age of prospective students should not exceed 25.
      •4 recent passport photos and a copy of your passport.
      •A copy of your birth certificate and a general medical examination showing that you are fit to travel and study.
      •A letter of no objection issued from your respective government which clearly states that your government has no problem with you studying at one of the Universities of Saudi Arabia.
      •All documents must be translated into Arabic and attested to by the nearest Saudi Consulate or Embassy.

      Application for this September is now closed.


  7. it see that the person in the address are only agent that try to help other to deal with the papers..and so on… wa Allah ‘alam…

    We have to be very care about this and to make a deep search before to says someone is a liar and so on…

    the sister in her blog ( )

    even she didnt give accurate information where she ‘take’ her reliable source for says ‘this is a scam…’ so be care my bros ‘n sis

  8. Until more info comes my way, I will take this post off from the first page and put this post back in the descending order of dates in its proper place.

    If I do get any info, insha-Allaah I’ll post a reply here…

  9. help me to get a school in madina the holy prophet city thank you

  10. assalamoalaikom
    my name is gulrukh jamal i m from pakistan i have passed my F.Sc in the subjects of maths, statistics and economics.recently i got three years diploma of islamic education from university of khudijatulkubra llbanat. now i want to continu my studies in islamic education in saudiarabia on scholarship basis plz help me .jazakallah

  11. Personal Particulars

    Name Muhammad Hussain Butt
    Residential Address House#E-161/B Farooq Colony Walton Road Lahore Cantt.
    Contact No. 0092-323-4994749
    Domicile Lahore (Punjab)
    Academic Qualification

    B.Sc (Math A+B, Physics) 1st Division From Punjab University
    F.Sc 2nd Division From Lahore Board
    Matric 1st Division from Lahore Board.

    To work in a challenging and carrier oriented Organization in order to apply my knowledge and skills for organizational as well as of personal growth.
    Professional Experience
    Oxford Public High School.

    Working in this school from last fifteen years as Head and teaching mathematics in higher classes. Maintaing the school management and all school activities.

    Computer Courses
    v Word Star5, Lotus 123
    v M.S. Word, M S Office
    v Data Operating System. dBase 111+
    v Word Perfect 5, Excel.

  12. Dear Respected Sir,

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  13. rasheed ahammed Says:

    aslm alkm
    may allah bless you
    i am a indian student doing graduation in commerce
    i want to do charted accountancy .but iam sufferig
    financial problems to pursue higher studies
    eagerly to your help and reply
    may allah bless you

  14. abdul qayoom Says:

    a wish edmition on scholarship from pakistan

  15. Muhammad Amin Alhassan Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatulLah.My name is Muhammad Amin Alhassan,Nigerian citizen.I obtained my Islamic certificate at KULLIYYAH AL-SHEIKH ABYBAKAR MAHMUD JUMY in the year 2009 with a great:Distinction.I want to further my knowlege in your university.I wish Allah’s help than yours to be accepted!contact me at via +2348029262727, khair.

  16. لمياء فوزى على Says:

    التعليم أساس الاحساس بالحياة
    التعليم متعة أصحاب الفكر
    متعك الله بالصحة وزادك من كل النعم والمتع

  17. لمياء فوزى على Says:

    التعليم متعة أصحاب الفكر

  18. لمياء فوزى على Says:

    ياليتنى يكتب الله لى أن أعمل بهذه اجامعة معلمة ويرزقنى الله جحج بيته

  19. Samson deen Says:

    Salam alikum

    am samson deen a cnvated muslim i convated in london and i live london back home to my country nigeria and am looking for a place to study islam in saudy arabai a lean som arabic languag i uk befor i live kindly help me out‏ ‏



    REF :_________________________ DATED :_______________________

    Prince Princess Noora Bint Abdur-Rahman

    Your Great Father the greatest man of the world. He was so kind hearted, true and the famous person among the history of the Muslims. Your personality is ditto copy of His (Majesty).I have found the same in you as well. You are also much helpful to the needy people. I have heard a lot about your kindness to your people as well as towards the muslims (belong to any country of the world). I still have the Photograph of King Faisal Bin abdul Aziz (Late).I have Kept his Photo in a safe custody.

    I pray that you may live long. I really feel so glad that ALLAH has granted you the life; A life that is free from the illness. I had prayed for your recovery from the illness. I even had prayed for your recovery in each and every prayer .I also had tried my hard to come to meet you and look after you. But truly speaking inspite of all my best efforts I was unable to come towards you.. My limited resources have not allowed me to come your country,

    Actually I belong to a very poor family that has very limited resources of life. I had tried my best to come and meet you, but the lack of resources has not allowed me to do this. ALLAH will grant you progress by leaps and bounds. I really appreciate your welfare work for the Muslims of this world. I hope that you must remember this poor family as well. I am waiting for your favorable reply.

    ALLAH blesses you and all your family members.I heartly request you to please don`t disappoint me.

    With regards
    Khurshid Alam
    H.No: E-158/A Satellite town Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
    Ph #: 00923315159964




  23. subhanallah i m ali from pakistan

  24. I can attest the information Umm Maryam provided is real and if you need more help I can help you or advise you on how to apply from your respective countries.

    Saad Absar

  25. Abdul waheed issa Says:

    Please instruct me how i can get admission to your university,if you can do that for me i will be very thankful to allah after that you.because i want to know more about islam.may almighty allah count each and every one of us among the successful one.

  26. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته
    اسمى :أنس يهوذا ثانى من دولة نيجيريا
    وبالحقيقة أريد الالتحاق بجامعتكم المباركة ،بالله ساعدوني كيف تكون الطريق لارسال أوراقى
    جازكم الله خيرا.‏‎ ‎

  27. ezzakiyah Says:

    salaamun ‘alaykum..
    i hope i could study here..

  28. ngouanfouo dainna carelle Says:

    assalaamou alaykum please i would like to study in your school but i can not speak verry well english can i have possibility thank you

  29. Naveedur rahman Says:

    I am intrusting to take admission in this university in Mpil in chemistry please tell me what is the procedure

  30. maimana disoma Says:


  31. Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakau, pls is this program still on?

  32. Samerah C. Macabaas Says:

    i really want to study in that university….

  33. Samerah C. Macabaas Says:

    how can we apply a scholarship in this university? thanks ahead

  34. nasria panugo basucao Says:

    i want to study at this kind of university… i wish i can.. In shaa Allah

  35. Assalaamun alaikum warahmatullah my dear muslim brothers and sisters on here?My name is Rafat Muslimat from Ghana and i need help on how to apply to Princess Amira Noura University.What month would application starts please for the sake of Allah i need answers to this question.Wassalaamun Alaikum Warahmatullah.

  36. ashrafoden m.basarudin Says:

    asssalamo alikom warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,my beloved brothers and sisters in to apply scholarship?.

  37. Aisha Bana Says:

    I can see brothers posting that they want to attend The university is for WOMEN only

  38. asral sultan Says:

    So very beautifull school

  39. Since it isn’t actually a scam, can any of the students/teachers help me apply??? In desperate need of help. BarakAllaahu feeki

  40. masud abubakar sadiq Says:

    my dear muslim brothers and and sisters iam masud from nigeria looking for admission with schoolership at uqu of makka can you assist me?

  41. Uroosa BIQ Says:

    Assalam o Alikum. I am a student and wants to take admission in Prince Sultan Aviation Academy Jeddah. Kindly my dear aunts, help me in this regard as I searched out a lots but didn’t found the expenses and fee conditions of that..Kindly rsp0nse, I would be grateful !!
    JazakAllah Khair !!

  42. Assalamu Alaikom I really really want to study at KSA. I’ve finished my 4th year education of western and arabic at the philippines. But can you help me how to know the requirements? Requirements in enrolling at PRINCESS NOURA. Coz’ I keep on searching about it but I cant find it. So, please help me. May Allah bless you and your family. Allahumma Ameen. Jazakillahu Khair! Reply please.

  43. AOA.. sir i m nooran from pakistan…i m 18 years old girl…. i m a hafiza..previous year i pass i want to study at princess noora university…is it possible…??if it is possible than kindly tell me what are the requirements for this????i want to do islamic study along which i also continue my education as well…kindly help me and give me all information as soon as possible…anxiously waiting for your reply…thankx

  44. faiza habbisi Says:

    Assalamualykum…how can we see the name of applicants who has qabul in princess noura university? Iam from phil.i’ve apply last year but i dont know why my forms did’nt have feed back..

  45. Assalamu Alaikum i just want to ask how can i send application documents to PNU ? is it done ONLINE? pls answer anyone, .. jazakallhu khayran.. Allah bless u guyz

  46. im also from philippines.. pls kindly share info with me sis #faiza habbisi.shukram

  47. Assalamu ‘alaykum wRwB… did you have a copy of their application form for those who want to study there? :-) Advance tnx

  48. hello! i am korean student who want to study in princess nora university! please someone help me to apply. actually i dont know how to apply :( i am eager to admit princess nora university! so help me sisters~oh and i am korean musilm!

  49. Can someone please send me the application document?

    thank you!

  50. Is it possible to attend PNU without your mahram living there with you. Is it okay for them to drop you off to the country / university and come back?

  51. Please tell me from which class i can get admission???

  52. Abuu mus'habu Says:

    I want to apply,what can I do?

  53. Fathima Misriya Says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    Could you please tell me when will the admissions be open for the year 2017-2018?
    Jazakumullah khairan kaseera

  54. Is-hak Mubarik Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,please I wish to apply for a scholarship program in Arabic studies because I want learn Islaam but I don’t know what to do

  55. aslimah ameril Says:

    assalamo alaykom..i am verry much interested to study in princess noura bint al-rahman university since i heard it from a friend, can you give me some more information or can somebody help me to study their please… thank you so much

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