The Fly That Leads To Hell!

The Fly That Leads To Hell!

If you truly ponder upon this hadith you will realise the true dangers of Shirk however small it may be, and the greatness of Tawheed how ever little it may be.

It is reported from Tariq Ibn Shihab (ra) that the Prophet said:

A man entered Paradise because of a fly, while another entered the Fire because of a fly.

They asked:

How was that possible, oh, Messenger of Allah ?

He replied:

Two men passed by a people who had an idol, which it was not permissible for anyone to pass without making a sacrifice to it. They (the people) said to the first man: “Sacrifice (something).

He said: “I have nothing with which to do so.

They said: “Sacrifice some-thing, even if it were only a fly,” and so he did so, and they allowed him to continue on his way and so he entered the Hell-fire.

Then they said to the second man: “Sacrifice (something).

But he said: “I will not sacrifice anything unless it be to Allah , the Almighty, the All-powerful,” so they struck his neck (and he died) and entered Paradise.

[Narrated by Ahmad]

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