Shaykh Abdullah al-Ghudayaan Has Passed Away

May Allah have mercy upon his soul and forgive him his sins and give him the greatest of rewards for his efforts to spread the message of the Prophets (Tawheed) and the authentic Sunnah around the world and warning the people against shirk (associating a partner with Allah) and bid’ah (innovations in legislation of Islaam).

(1st June 2010/18th Jamaada al-Akhirah 1431AH)

It is with sadness that we inform our brothers and sisters about the passing away of shaykh abdullaah ibn ‘Abdir-Rahmaan al-Ghudayyaan (rahima-hullaah) a short time ago after asr today, Tuesday 1st June 2010.

The shaykh’s janaazah prayer will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd June, after the ‘asr prayer at Jaami’ ar-Raajhi in (east) Riyadh, inshaa.-Allaah.

Please click here for a small biography of the shaykh.


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