Coming Late To A Seminar And Greeting Those Seated, By Ibn Uthaymeen

Ibn Uthaymeen was asked:

If a person comes to a lecture late, what is more preferred, (a) that he gives the greetings (of salaam) upon entering, or (b) is it better that he sits without greeting?

The Noble Shaykh responded by saying:

“It is preferred that he does not give the greeting if this will cause an interruption in the lesson or cause disturbance. But if it will not cause any interruption or disturbance, then giving the greeting is legislated upon every person that approaches a gathering, and due to this, it is preferred to give the greeting. If a person does give the greeting, then it is sufficient that only one person from those who are already in the gathering respond.”

[Shaykh Muhammad Bin Saalih Al-Uthaymeen, Fataawa Islaamiyyah 1/175]


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