Imaam Ahmad’s Wounds And Scars During His Trial

We all know the story of the Revered Imaam, the Scholar, the Teacher, the Reviver of the Sunnah, the Subduer of Innovation, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, when he was put into trial by Al-Mu’tasim (and his father) regarding the opinion of ‘the creation of the Qur’aan’. Below is a short description of the wounds received by the Noble Imaam (for a full account of the story please listen to this lecture).

The Scars Of His Wounds

Abul-Fadl Saalih said:

“He (Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal) was released and allowed home and was taken to the cellar. Then one who specialised in wounds and their treatment was brought in, and he said, ‘I have seen men who have received a thousand lashes, but I have never seen a case as bad as this…‘ and he would ocme to treat him.

Imaam Ahmad’s face had been struck more than once, and he remained flat upon his face for as long as Allaah willed.

Then the man said to him, ‘There is some flesh here which I must cut,‘ so he brought an Iron tool and would hold the flesh with it and cut it with a knife, and Imaam Ahmad bore all of this, only raising his voice with the praise of Allaah, and he was cured.

However, he continued to feel pain in some places, and the marks of the lashing were clearly visible on his back until he died.”

His Forgiveness

Hanbal said, “I heard Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal say:

Everyone who spoke against me, then I have pardoned him except for an innovator, and I have pardoned Aboo Ishaaq, meaning, Al-Mu’tasim, since I see that Allaah says:

Let them pardon and forgive. Do you not love that Allaah should forgive you?” [24:22]

and the Prophet ordered Aboo Bakr to pardon in the case of Mistah – and how would it benefit you that Allaah should punish your Muslim brother because of you?

[The Foundations Of The Sunnah, Pp. 89-91]


2 Responses to “Imaam Ahmad’s Wounds And Scars During His Trial”

  1. Assalaamu alaykum

    Those who consider Quran is created,are they called innovators or just sinners?


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