Random Shee’ah ‘Ahaadeeth’ Promoting Mut’ah

PLEASE NOTE: These ‘ahaadeeth’ are all fabrications, and are from shee’ah sources. Mainstream Muslims do not accept these narrations due to the extreme weakness in all of the chain of narrations. The reason for this post (as all other posts about mut’ah on this blog) is to expose the beliefs of the shee’ahs.[End note]

Faith al-Kashani narrated in his book

عن الصادق بأن المتعة من ديني ودين آبائي، فالذي يعمل بها يعمل بديننا والذي ينكرها ينكر ديننا، بل إنه يدين بغير ديننا، وولد المتعة أفضل من ولد الزوجة الدائمة، ومنكر المتعة كافر مرتد

From As-Sadiq: Mut’a is from my religion and the religion of my fathers, so whoever applies it applies our deen and whoever does not apply it rejects our deen furthermore he is following another deen, the son that is conceived through mut’a is better than the one conceived through a permanent marriage and who denies mut’a is a kaffir murtad.

(Manhaj Al Sidiqin) by Fat’h AllAh Al Kashani page 356.

And he also narrated from prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali):

من تمتع مرة كان درجته كدرجة الحسين عليه السلام، ومن تمتع مرتين فدرجته كدرجة الحسن عليه السلام، ومن تمتع ثلاث مرات كان

درجته كدرجة علي ابن أبي طالب عليه السلام، ومن تمتع أربع مرات فدرجته كدرجتي

“Who makes mut’a once, it is as if he is on the level of Al Hussein aleihi al salam, and who commits mut’a twice then it is as if he is is on the level of Al Hassan aleihi al salam, and who commits mut’a three times it is as if he is on the level of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb aleihi al salam, and who commits mut’a four times then it is as if he is on a level like mine”.

Same place as above.

And in “Muntaha Al Amal” volume 2 page 341, from imam as-Sadiq:

ما من رجل تمتع ثم اغتسل إلا وقد خلق الله تعالى سبعين ملكا من كل قطرة ماء يتقاطر من جسده ليستغفر له إلى يوم القيامة ويلعن على من

يجتنب منه حتى تقوم الساعة

“Not a man who has made mut’a then washed except that Allah has created 70 angels for each drop of water that drops from his body so that they ask Allah to forgive this man till the day of judgment and curses his ennemies till the day the hour will be here.”

Contributed by brother moheb-omar.



One Response to “Random Shee’ah ‘Ahaadeeth’ Promoting Mut’ah”

  1. Assalaamu’alaikum warahmatullaah

    BaarakAllaahu feek! Writing a small introduction mentioning that this post has been put up to expose the falsehood of shi’ite traditions/beliefs might be better and safer, don’t you think? Because some Muslims who are ignorant, or are new and unaware might read this post and actually think these are real ahadeeth promoting Mut’ah as one of it even says “And he also narrated from the Prophet”, as if he really did and there nothing to indicate that its a lie, Wallaahul Musta’aan! Allaahu A’lam!

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