A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 5th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

5th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 5 [4:24 to 4:143])

Surah 4 – an-Nisa’ – ‘Women’

Summary: A Surah which takes its name after the numerous references to women and injunctions related to them and family life as a whole. It was revealed soon after Surah 3, i.e. it is set after the battle of Uhud, and the period of revelation covers the 4th year of Hijra. Its subject matter deals with the social problems which the Muslim community had to face immediately after battle, hence the concern for widows, orphans and the fair distribution of wealth. However, the principles laid down have permanently governed Muslim Law and social practice.

Verses Description
4:36-42 Worship Allah alone; communal relations; evil of arrogance; Allah does not wrong anyone
4:43-70 Rules of prayer; Mistakes of the People of the Book; Non-Muslims should not go after false gods; Punishment in Hell; Obedience to Allah and the Prophet
4:71-91 The believers should organise in self-defence against their enemies; Defend the weak and helpless; Fighting in Allah’s Way; The plots of the hypocrites; Treatment of deserters
4:92-104 Caution about taking life; Virtue of Jihad; Duties and prayer in the midst of war; Migration
4:105-126 Treachery; the lure of Satan; Worshipping others besides Allah; Superstition; The righteous, male and female, will have their reward with Allah
4:127-152 Women and orphans should be dealt with justly; Marital harmony; Upholding Justice; Sincerity; Moderation in speech; Plots of the Hypocrites

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