A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 6th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

6th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 6 [4:146 to 5:82])

Surah 4 – an-Nisa’ – ‘Women’

Summary: A Surah which takes its name after the numerous references to women and injunctions related to them and family life as a whole. It was revealed soon after Surah 3, i.e. it is set after the battle of Uhud, and the period of revelation covers the 4th year of Hijra. Its subject matter deals with the social problems which the Muslim community had to face immediately after battle, hence the concern for widows, orphans and the fair distribution of wealth. However, the principles laid down have permanently governed Muslim Law and social practice.

Verses Description
4:153-170 Where the People of the Book went wrong; Breach of covenant; Jesus was raised to Allah; All Messengers came with the same faith
4:171-172 Christian beliefs
4:173-175 Rewards of true faith
4:176 Inheritance law

Surah 5 – al-Ma’idah – “The Table Spread”

Summary: The Surah takes its name after the story recounted in it where Jesus’s disciples asked that a table spread might be sent down from Heaven, and their prayer was granted. This chapter serves as a conclusion to the previous chapters and completes many threads of discussion started earlier on. Its main subject matter is injunctions, and Christian beliefs are dealt with in more detail that previously. Earlier followers of the Prophets had breached their covenant with Allah, Muslims are enjoined to keep it.


Verses Description
5:1-5 Believer must fulfil their spiritual and social responsibilities; Regulations concerning food
5:3 The crowning verse of this Surah: Islam is perfect and Allahs’ favour is now complete
5:6-11 Cleanliness laws; Justice and uprightness are closest to piety; The end of the believers and disbelievers
5:12-26 Jews and Christians breaking covenant and consequences; Calling them to true faith; Trinity; Jews mockery of Moses
5: 27-43 The Story of Cane and Abel; Evil of envy; Evil of murder; Punishment of those who wage war against Allah; Capital punishment
5:44-58 Standing firm for Justice; Going to Islam for judgment in all affairs; Protecting the brotherhood of Islam; Defending faith
5:59-71 Punishment meted to the Jews of the past; Corrupt rabbis; How they can truly observe the Torah and Gospel; The righteous among them.
5:72-86 Falsity of the belief in Trinity; People of the Book were cursed by David and Jesus; Relationship of the Jews and Christians with the Muslims

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