A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 7th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

7th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 7 [5:83 to 6:108])

To be recited Monday Night (Aug 16)

Surah 5 – al-Ma’idah – “The Table Spread”

Summary: The Surah takes its name after the story recounted in it where Jesus’s disciples asked that a table spread might be sent down from Heaven, and their prayer was granted. This chapter serves as a conclusion to the previous chapters and completes many threads of discussion started earlier on. Its main subject matter is injunctions, and Christian beliefs are dealt with in more detail than previously. Earlier followers of the Prophets had breached their covenant with Allah, Muslims are enjoined to keep it.

Verses Description
5:87-100 Enjoy all that is good and lawful with gratitude; Guard against excess; Prohibition of deliberate oaths; Prohibition of intoxication and gambling, evil of; Game and hunting; Violation of the Sacred Masjid
5:101-102 Prohibition from asking too many questions lest life become difficult
5:103-108 Superstitious beliefs refuted; Turning to Allah for judgment; Giving testimony
5:109-120 The Afterlife; The miracles of Jesus; The story of the table-spread; Jesus denies ever claiming divinity

Surah 6 – al-An`am – “Cattle”

Summary: The Surah takes its name from the word cattle mentioned in verses 137, 139, 140 in connection to superstitious practices condemned in Islam. The majority of the Surah was revealed in the year just before the Hijra. The main subject matter is Tawhid, or Divine Unity which aptly follows on from the topics of the previous chapters, and completes them; it also deals with man’s relationship with his Lord and the practical manifestation of this. The Surah is in fact a many sided argument against mankind’s tendency to associate partners with Allah, be it directly or indirectly.

Verses Description
6:1-31 Descriptions of Allah; Revelation, polytheist rejection of, consequences of rejection; To Allah belongs everything, the believer takes Him is an ally and protector; The weakness of Paganism
6:32-58 Reality of this world; Comforting the Prophet at rejection; Only Allah is to be invoked and worshipped
6:59-73 Allah knows all, the open and secret; He has power over everything; Allah delivers from affliction; Falsity of invoking others besides Allah
6:74-88 Story of Abraham and his father, Azar; Abraham’s dispute with his people and his call; Abraham’s descendants
6:89-94 People fail to measure Allah as He should be
6:95-99 Examples of Allah’s amazing creation
6:100-110 Ascribing partners with Allah is absurd; Proofs have been given to man; Follow the revelation; Do not revile the polytheists lest they revile Allah

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