Advice To Parents: Teach Your Children The Qur’aan, By Shaykh Ibn Jibreen

“…And we also advise everyone who is sincere to himself and who desires good for others to raise his children from the very beginning upon the memorization of Allaah’s Book.

A parent should encourage his children to love the Qur’aan while they are yet young, so that that love will remain with them as they grow up.

In this country (Saudi Arabia) there are many schools; in every area, there is at least one school that is dedicated to teaching the Qur’aan.

Children, in general, have free time at the end of the day, a time in which a parent should take his children to the said schools.

Parents should encourage their children to study in them, even if by means of giving prizes for attending and for memorizing. The children will benefit others, by the will of Allaah, and they will also benefit their parents…”

[Taken from “Islamic Rulings Regarding The Qur’aan”, p. 19. Quoting from “Majmoo’ Fataawa Wa-Rasaa’il” of Shaykh Ibn Jibreen]


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