A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 12th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

12th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 12 [11:8 to 12:52])

To be recited Saturday Night (Aug 21)

Surah 11 – Hud – “Hud”

Summary: The Surah is named after the story of the Prophet Hud mentioned in verses 50-60. It was revealed after Surah 10 which was revealed after Surah 17, during the Year of Sorrow, a very difficult year for the Prophet (SAW); his beloved wife, Khadijah, passed away, as did his uncle Abu Talib, who had hitherto protected him. As a result, life became very difficult and hostility to him and his message increased. This chapter consoles the Messenger and his followers and reassures them by recounting the struggles of the Prophets and their followers in the past, highlighting how they dealt with ridicule, hostility and persecution. It also vindicates the truth of revelation in a way that complements the previous chapter; the previous chapter highlights Allah’s mercy with creation, this chapter highlights Allah’s justice with creation.

Verses Description
11:1-7 Nature of the Qur’an, revelation; Call of the Prophet; Allah knows all and provides for all; Creation; Resurrection – The Message is spelled out.
11:8-11 Man in the face of blessing and adversity
11:12-24 Miracle of the Qur’an; Lying against Allah; Believers reward
11:25-49 The Call of Noah, the rejection of his people; the Flood; Noah’s son was not of his family
11:50-60 The Call of Hud, the rejection of his people, his disavowal of their gods; Destruction of Ad
11:61-68 The Call of Salih, the rejection of his people; the Camel; Destruction of Thamud
11:69-83 The Story of Abraham and his guests; Lot and his guests, the people of Lot; Destruction of Lots’ people
11:84-95 The Call of Shu’ayb, the arguments of his people; Destruction of Thamud
11:96-99 The Call of Moses, Pharaoh’s transgressions and response
11:100-123 The wisdom of recounting stories of the past; the Last Day, Paradise and Hell; The fallacy of paganism; Keeping firm on the Way of Allah; Worship Allah and put trust in Him

Surah 12 – Yusuf – “Joseph”

Summary: The Surah follows the revelation of Surah 11 and is therefore Meccan. It was revealed in the period following the Year of Sorrow and the Prophet receiving the first and second pledges of loyalty at `Aqabah from the Ansar of Madinah. In this period the Prophet was enduring a time when he and his followers felt the strains of isolation and felt alienated from their social surroundings. This chapter revolves around the idea that Allah alone directs the affairs of man, and that judgement rests with Him, it highlights the trials of the Prophet Joseph, the strain of isolation that he faced, the alienation of slavery in a foreign land, imprisonment and the final change of fortunes that resulted from his patience. The Surah is unique in that it relates the story of Joseph in full, whereas we find that other chapters relate various episodes from the lives of certain Prophets.

Verses Description
12:1-3 The Qualities of the Qur’an
12:4-102 The Story of Joseph: a favourite child is lost; in Egypt and facing trial; from prison to palace; brothers reunion; a child’s dream come true

Compiled by Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah.


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