A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 13th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

13th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 13 [12:53 to 14:52])

To be recited Sunday Night (Aug 22)

Surah 12 – Yusuf – “Joseph”

Summary: The Surah follows the revelation of Surah 11 and is therefore Meccan. It was revealed in the period following the Year of Sorrow and the Prophet receiving the first and second pledges of loyalty at `Aqabah from the Ansar of Madinah. In this period the Prophet was enduring a time when he and his followers felt the strains of isolation and felt alienated from their social surroundings. This chapter revolves around the idea that Allah alone directs the affairs of man and that judgement rests with Him, it highlights the trials of the Prophet Joseph, the strain of isolation that he faced, the alienation of slavery in a foreign land, imprisonment and the final change of fortunes that resulted from his patience.

Verses Description
12:4-102 The Story of Joseph: a favourite child is lost; in Egypt and facing trial; from prison to palace; brothers reunion; a child’s dream come true
12:103-111 Most people do not believe, or commit shirk; the Way of the Prophet; Lessons in Qur’anic stories

Surah 13 – ar-Ra`d – “Thunder”

Summary: The Surah takes its name after the mention of thunder in verse 13. The theme of this Surah is Allah’s Oneness, faith, submission to Him, revelation and resurrection, and it is distinguished by its moving description of Allah’s power and knowledge.

Verses Description
13:1-7 Revelation of the Qur’an; Creation of the heavens and earth, blessings of the earth; Denial of resurrection
13:8-17 Allah knows all and sees all; Guardian angels; Signs in creation; futility of calling on false gods; Parable of truth and falsehood
13:18-27 Qualities of the believers, and reward; Qualities of disbelievers, and punishment
13:28-34 Remembrance of Allah; Call of the Prophet; Greatness of the Qur’an; Futility of polytheism;
13:35-43 A Picture of Paradise; People of the Book and the Qur’an; The Qur’an as judge; The Prophet consoled; The disbelievers scheme and Allah too schemes

Surah 14 – Ibrahim – “Abraham”

Summary: The Surah takes its name after the mention of Abraham in vv. 35 onwards, a blessed Prophet who was grateful, devout and tender-hearted, and this is the sense of the whole Surah. It continues from where the previous chapter leaves off which explains how Allah’s revelation gains ground despite man’s scheming against it. Unity of the divine message and Allah’s blessings are the focal themes of this chapter but, like other Meccan chapters, it also covers faith, revelation, Allah’s oneness, resurrection and judgment.

Verses Description
14:1-15 The Prophet guides to the light; Those who prefer this life to the Hereafter; Moses guided to the light; Messengers were sent to previous nations and how they were received
14:16-27 Punishment of Hell; Deeds of the disbelievers; Allah’s promise and Satan’s promise; Disavowal between disbelieving allies; Reward of Paradise; Parable of a good tree and a rotten tree
14:28-34 Bartering Allah’s blessings; Shirk; Allah is creator and giver of blessings; Allah’s blessings cannot be counted
14:35-52 A prayer for all time: Abraham’s passionate supplication against shirk, protection for those he left at Mecca, for his progeny and parents; Day of Judgment; Examples of previous nations; Universality of Islam

Compiled By Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah.


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