A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 14th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

14th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 14 [15:1 to 16:128])

To be recited Monday Night (Aug 23)

Surah 15 – al-Hijr – “The Rocky Tract”

Summary: A Meccan Surah which takes its name after the people of al-Hijr mentioned in verse 80 and revealed after Surah Yusuf, as such the time in which it was revealed was the period between the Year of Sorrow and the Prophet’s migrating to Madinah. Persecution of the Prophet and his followers was at its peak and Islam was making little headway in the face of opposition and resistance. The Pagan Arabs are warned through portrayal of the fates of earlier nations and the true reasons behind their opposition is revealed. Satan’s insistence on corrupting people is highlighted and the Prophet is consoled and enjoined to hold fast to the truth and to be patient and steadfast. The Truth is protected by Allah.

Verses Description
15:1-15 Revelation, disbelievers response to, taunts against the Prophet (SAW); Warning the disbelievers; Allah preserves the Qur’an; Messengers before were mocked and taunted
15:16-25 Creation of the heaven and earth; Guarding of heaven from devils; Allah as Provider; Allah as giver of life and death; Resurrection
15:26-30 Origin of Man: Creation of man and jinn; Creation of Adam
15:31-49 Man and his Sworn Enemy: Satan refusing to bow down; His being cast out of Paradise; His misguiding man; Allah will protect His sincere servants; Hell is for those who follow Satan; Reward of Paradise; Allah is forgiving and One who punishes
15:50-77 Lessons from History: Story of the guests of Abraham; Story of Lot and the destruction of his people
15:78-84 Lessons from History: Story of the forest-dwellers; Story of the people of Hijr
15:85-99 The Path of Truth: Creation has a purpose; Revelation, those who abuse the Qur’an; Duty of the Prophet, his grief at what the disbelievers say; Allah is enough for the believers; Worship Allah till the grave

Surah 16 – an-Nahl – “The Bee”

Summary: A Meccan Surah taking its title from mention of the bee and its wondrous creation in verse 68 and concentrating on Allah’s endless blessings and the many Signs present in His creation. Idolaters who attribute Allah’s bounty to others are condemned and Abraham is presented as an example to follow. Also tackled are issues dealing with faith, resurrection and revelation.

Verses Description
16:1-18 Revelation; Endless Wonders: Creation of heavens, earth, man, cattle; Allah’s blessings in creation; Allah’s blessings are innumerable
16:19-32 Attributes of Divinity, futility of polytheism; Polytheists on the Last Day; Believers on the Last Day
16:33-40 The end of previous nations; Excuses proffered by the Polytheists; Every community was sent a Messenger with the same message; Allah guides who He wills
16:41-59 Qualities of previous Messengers; Blindness of the disbelievers; Everything submits to Allah, even Angels; Prohibition against polytheism; Man in the face of adversity and blessing; They assign daughters to Allah and dislike having them
16:60-72 Allah gives respite; Satan’s deception of man; Endless Wonders: Signs and lessons in creation; Acknowledge Allah’s blessings; Prohibition against being miserly
16:73-83 False gods are powerless; Parables of false gods; Endless Wonders: Further Signs in Allah’s creation
16:84-96 The end of disbelief; Justice; Goodness; Keeping promises, importance of, do not deceive; Allah rewards good
16:97-111 Seeking refuge against Satan; Satan has no power of true believers; Revelation, accusations against the Prophet; Severity of apostasy; Love of the world; the Last Day
16:112-128 Parable of a Secure City; Lawful provision, Repentance; The Example of Abraham vis-a-vis blessings; Follow the way of Abraham; Call to Islam; Patience and Taqwa.

Compiled by Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah.


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