A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 9th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

9th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 9 [7:88 to 8:41])

To be recited Wednesday Night (Aug 18)

Surah 7 – al-A`raf – “The Heights”

Summary: The Surah takes it’s name from verse 46 which mentions the Heights, a barrier dividing the righteous from the damned on the Day of Judgment. It was revealed at much the same time as Surah 6, i.e. the year before Hijra. Its subject matter deals with the enemies of Allah, from Satan onwards, the need for Prophetic guidance, it narrates stories of a line of Prophets from Adam on, and recounts numerous incidents dealing with the fates of the disbelievers; therefore it follows on nicely from the previous chapter.

Verses Description
7:100-157 The Story of Moses; His preparation; His struggle against Pharaoh; His struggle with his own rebellious people; Prophecy concerning Muhammad (SAW)
7:158-171 The people of Moses frequently lapsed; They broke Allah’s covenant
7:172-178 Man’s innate nature accepts Allah, yet many of Adam’s children disbelieve; The parable of the disbelievers and their fate; The wiles of Satan
7:179-206 Invoke Allah by His Beautiful Names; Allah knows all and only He knows when the Last Day will be; Allah’s final message; The role of Muhammad (SAW); The righteous obey Allah and serve Him humbly.

Surah 8 – al-Anfal – “The Spoils of War”

Summary: The Surah takes its name from the first verse which talks about the spoils of war. The majority of the chapter was revealed in the month following the Battle of Badr, in the 2nd year of Hijra. The lessons learned from the battle are enforced: the virtues necessary for fighting in the Path of Allah, victory against odds, clemency and consideration of others.

Verses Description
8:1-19 Booty is really at the disposal of Allah and His Messenger; Qualities of the believers; Believers accept Allah’s injunctions without reluctance; Victory and the prize of victory comes from Allah; Description of the Battle of Badr
8:20-37 Obedience, discipline, faith and gratitude to Allah are the components of success and protection against evil; Evil will be destroyed; Reward of keeping duty to Allah; The worship of the pagans condemned
8:38-64 The Battle of Badr described further; Virtue and valour can conquer odds; Patience and reward of; Faith and courage; Satan’s lures; Hypocrites break treaties; His help is sufficient for all.

Compiled by Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah


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