A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 17th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

17th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 17)

To be recited Thursday Night (Aug 26)

Surah 21 – al-Anbiya’ – “The Prophets”

Summary: Revealed in Mecca, this chapter deals with issues of faith, concentrating on three main areas: Tawhid, Allah’s message and the Resurrection. It discusses the obstacles placed in the path of higher virtue by evil and assures that Allah defends the believers and cites the story of Abraham as an example. The reader’s attention is drawn to the unity of laws that govern Allah’s creation, and this in turn is adduced as evidence of Allah’s oneness; the unity of the message and faith is reflected in the lives of all the Prophets, and the Surah closes by discussing the Last Day.

Verses Description
21:1-15 Reckoning draws near; Man’s obstinacy to the truth; Destruction of deniers and their laments
21:16-30 Truth will vanquish falsehood; Proofs against polytheism; Call of the Messengers; Falsity of polytheism
21:31-47 Creation of heaven and earth, life and death; Inevitable end of all, eternal life is not granted to any; Man is hasty; Messenger were scoffed at; Falsity of polytheism
21:48-73 Moses and Arun; Abraham with his father, his breaking of the idols; Abraham cast into the fire
21:74-94 Lot; Noah; David and Solomon; Job; Ismail; Idris; Dhu’l-Kifl; Jonah; Zachariah; John; Mary and Jesus
21:95-112 Gog and Magog; the Last Day; Fuel of Hell; Message of Islam; The Prophet as mercy; Supplication for Allah’s aid

Surah 22 – al-Hajj – “The Pilgrimage”

Summary: This Surah was partly revealed in Mecca and partly revealed in Madina and it takes its name from the mention of Hajj in verse 27. The chapter tackles issues such as Tawhid, Resurrection, repudiating pagan beliefs, the Signs of Allah in creation, and the order to fight in the Way of Allah in defence of the truth. The general sense of the chapter invigorates faith, piety and surrender to Allah.

Verses Description
22:1-24 The Last Hour; Man is rebellious; Proof of the Resurrection; Those who serve Allah as if standing on a precipice; Shirk; Punishment of the disbelievers; Reward of the believers
22:25-33 The First Sanctuary; Evil of hindering from Allah’s Way; Abraham’s proclamation for Hajj
22:34-46 Each nation has its Law; Heart of the true believer; Prayer and Sacrifice; Allah defends the believers; Rejection of the Prophet like rejection of previous Prophets; Disbelievers are blind to the Signs in history and creation
22:47-60 Respite is given to nations for a wisdom; The Duty of the Prophet; Satan trying to misguide Prophets and Allah foiling his effort; Judgment belongs to Allah
22:61-78 Signs in Allah’s creation; Mercy without limit; Allah is the Truth; Persecution of the believer; Futility of Shirk; the Parable of the fly; They have not made a just estimation of Allah; Command to pray and do good; Jihad; Allah is Guardian to the believer

Compiled by Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah.


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