A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 19th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

19th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 19)

To be recited Saturday Night (Aug 28)

Surah 25 – al-Furqan – “The Criterion”

Summary: Taking its name from the first verse, this Meccan Surah develops on the contrast of Light and Darkness and deals with comforting the Prophet, reassuring him and supporting him as he faced obstinate rejection, hostility and maltreatment from those he was calling. It recounts the accusation levelled against the Qur’an and the Messenger and refutes them, it relates incidents from the lives of other Prophets to show that rejection and persecution was not a new phenomenon, it highlights the end of the disbelievers, outlines the role of the Prophet, and ends with describing the true believer.

Verses Description
25:30-34 Those who shunned the Qur’an; Arguments against its revelation & response
25:35-40 Message of Moses, Noah, Ad, Thamud, and punishment of their people; Disbelievers are blind
25:41-51 Taking lusts as god; Ridicule of the Prophet; Disbelievers like cattle; Signs of Allah in creation and blindness of disbelievers
25:52-60 Striving with the Qur’an; Allah’s acts of creation; Propensity of man to commit shirk; Message and role of the Prophet; Trusting in Allah; Refusal of polytheists to accept Tawhid
25:61-77 Allah’s acts of creation; Humble qualities of the believer, their conduct, their supplications

Surah 26 – al-Shu`ara – “The Poets”

Summary: A Meccan Surah taking its name from the mention of Poets in verse 224. The fundaments of faith are discussed here: Allah’s Oneness, Revelation and the Last Day, and the chapter consoles the Prophet at the rejection of his people. It gives examples of Allah’s power and grace in nature. The main body of the chapter is devoted to historical accounts that consolidate these areas, and an air of warning pervades the whole Surah.

Verses Description
26:1-9 Clarity of Allah’s revelation; Adultery; Falsely accusing chaste women
26:10-68 The Slander of A’ishah; punishment of those who spread indecency
26:69-104 Satan’s footsteps; punishment of falsely accusing chaste women; Corrupt women and men; Conduct when visiting others; Lowering the gaze; Dress code; Marriage to protect chastity; Treatment of slaves; Clarity of Allah’s revelation
26:105-122 The Verse of Light
26:123-159 Reward of the believers; Parable of the deeds of the disbelievers; Another parable
26:160-191 All in heavens and earth glorify Allah; Allah’s acts of creation; Clarity of Allah’s revelation
26:192-227 Turning to Allah for judgment, different attitudes to; Obey Allah and His Messenger; Allah promises ascendancy for believers; Prayer, charity, obedience

Surah 27 – an-Naml – “The Ants”

Summary: This Meccan Surah takes its name after mention of the ant in verse 18. It opens and closes by describing the Qur’an as being joyful news for the believers and a warning for others. It narrates stories of the past Prophets and the destruction of the disbelievers leading up to the lessons of true and false worship, and Allah’s power contrasted with the total lack of power of false gods is illustrated.

Verses Description
26:1-6 The Qur’an as guidance and good news; Those who accept and reject it
26:7-53 The story of Moses; Story of David and Solomon, the Queen of Sheba; Story of Salih

Compiled by Ustaadh Abu Rumaysah.


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