A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 25th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

25th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 25)

To be recited Friday Night (Sep 03)

Chapter 41 – Fussilat – “Made Distinct”

Summary: The Meccan Surah continues the theme of the previous chapter and deals with the arrogance of the disbelievers, the truthfulness of the Qur’an, Tawhid and Resurrection. The title is used to describe the Qur’an in verses 3 and 44. Several references are made to the senses which the disbelievers shut off from perceiving the truth and which will then testify against their owners on the Last Day. The chapter commences by discussing revelation and its people, then the story of Ad and Thamud followed by a passage on Judgment, Paradise and Hell, a section on scripture and closes by encouraging the Prophet and the believers.

Chapter 42 – Shura – “Consultation”

Summary: A Meccan Surah that takes its name from verse 38 where the practice of consultation is listed as one characteristic of the Muslim community. The chapter discusses Allah’s power, wisdom and final decision, explaining that these form some of the fundaments of faith. The unity of religion is stressed and the nature of revelation, and truth and falsehood, is described at the close of the chapter. The fact that Allah does not resemble His creation is central to this chapter.

Chapter 43 – az-Zukhruf – “Ornaments of Gold”

Summary: This Meccan Surah deals with repudiating pagan beliefs concerning the Angels and affirming the power of Allah and His acts of creation. Taking its name after the mention of the word in verse 38, the chapter contrast the glory of truth with the glitter of falsehood, and highlights that to attribute divinity to any besides Allah is harmful and logically inadmissible. The chapter commences by discussing revelation and the obduracy of the disbelievers. It then moves to discuss the story of Abraham and how he exposed the falsehood of paganism, and shows that the adornments of this world will not last, illustrating this with the story of Pharaoh. The Surah closes by discussing Jesus, eschatology and repudiating the belief that Allah could have a son.

Chapter 44 – Dukhan – “Smoke”

Summary: A Meccan Surah taking its name from verse 40 which refers to the Last Day as being smoke filled, or, alternatively,  prophecy to a haze of dust which surrounded Mecca at the time of drought and famine which preceded the Conquest of Mecca. The chapter highlights the mercy that is the Qur’an, the arrogance of the powerful and wealthy, draws comparisons between the people of Pharaoh and Tubba and the Meccans. The chapter opens with a discussion on revelation, moves to discuss the Last Day, them a narrative of the punishment of Pharaoh’s people follows, the bliss of Paradise and Torment of Hell are described, and the chapter closes with an address to the Prophet, enjoining him to wait for Allah’s judgment.

Chapter 45 – Jathiya – “Kneeling”

Summary: A Meccan Surah, revealed immediately after the previous one, and taking its name from verse 45 where the kneeling posture of all communities on the Day of Judgment is described. The arguments against the Qur’an are addressed and emphasis is placed on the fate of the sceptics. References to Allah’s wisdom open and close the chapter.

Compiled by Abu Rumaysah


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