A Summary of The Verses Being Recited On The 27th Night Of Taraawee

A summary of the verses being recited.

27th of Ramadhaan (Juzz 27)

To be recited Sunday Night (Sep 05)

Chapter 52 – at-Tur – “The Mountain”

Summary: A Meccan Surah addressing many of the arguments put to the Prophet by the disbelievers of Mecca. After a series of oaths, the Last Day is described and the bliss of Paradise is contrasted to the torment of Hell. The Prophet is urged to continue his call and to await Allah’s judgment. Allah swears by numerous objects of creation that the Last Day is inevitable, the first of which is the Mountain from which the chapter takes its name.

Chapter 53 – an-Najm – “The Star”

Summary: A Meccan Surah confirming the divine source of the Prophet’s message. Reference is made to the Nights Journey and Ascension, and the Prophets vision of Gabriel. Superstitious beliefs concerning Angels and goddesses is refuted, true belief is outlined, and the Surah closes by warning about the imminent Day of Judgment.

Chapter 54 – al-Qamar – “The Moon”

Summary: A Meccan Surah dealing with the punishment meted out to the earlier disbelieving nations. These are presented as warning to the Meccans and the refrain, “Will anyone take heed” runs through the chapter. The treatment of the believers in Paradise is contrasted to the punishment of the disbelievers in Hell.

Chapter 55 – ar-Rahman – “The All-Merciful”

Summary: A Medinan Surah highlighting Allah’s wonders in the world, describing the end of the world and painting a delightful picture of Paradise. The chapter is characterised by the refrain, “Which, then of your Lord’s blessings will you both deny?” which runs throughout its course. Man and Jinn are divided into three classes: the disbeliever, the best of the believers, and the ordinary believers.

Chapter 56 – al-Waqi`ah – “The Inevitable Occurrence”

Summary: A Meccan Surah whose central message is stated in its opening verses: the Day of Judgment is inevitable. As in the previous chapter, man is divided into three categories: the Forerunners, the Companions of the Right, and the Companions of the Left. Proof is given of Allah’s power and consequently His ability to bring about the Resurrection.

Chapter 57 – al-Hadid – “Iron”

Summary: A Medinan Surah that urges believers to spend in Allah’s Way and uphold justice. Allah’s power, knowledge and glory is affirmed to encourage the believers to right action, and the fate of the hypocrites is described. Reference is made to the Conquest of Mecca. The response to some Previous Prophets is mentioned and the chapter ends by referring to Allah’s grace.

Compiled by Abu Rumaysah


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