Raising One’s Hands When Reciting Takbeer In Eid Salaat Is Not Of The Prophet’s (saw) Sunnah, By Sh. Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan

Raising one’s hands when reciting Takbeer in Eid Salaat is not of the prophet’s (saw) Sunnah.

However, Ibn Al-Qayyim reported that Ibn ‘Umar (ra) used to raise his hand while reciting Takbeer(1) though he was a sincere adherent to the prophet’s (saw) Sunnah. Indeed, the best of guidance is that of the prophet’s (saw). Ibn ‘Umar’s and his father’s practice does not make it a Sunnah. Besides, the narration that reports their practice is not authentic.(2)

Regarding this point, Imaam Maalik stated that ‘he had not heard any [affirmed] hadeeth about this’,(3) and this was his Mathhab – as reported in Al-Mudawwanah” (vol. 1 / p. 169) and quoted by An- Nawawee in his “Al-Majmoo‘” (vol. 5 / p. 26).

Ibn Al-Munthir added that Imaam Maalik said: ‘There is no affirmed Sunnah that states its obligation; accordingly, whoever wishes to raise his hands could do so. But I prefer that one raises his hands only in the first Takbeer’.(4)

* Performing the Pre-Sunnah Eid Salāt and calling “As-Salātu Jāmi‘ah” [i.e. Salāt to be done in congregation] before people stand to perform the Salaat:


(1) “Zād al-Ma‘ād” (vol. 1 / p. 441).
(2) See: “Tamāmul Minnah” (pp. 348-9) and “Irwā’ul Ghalīl” (vol. 3 / pp. 112-4).
(3) Narrated by: Al-Firyābī in “Ahkāmul Eidain” (no. 137) through an authentic chain
of narrators.
(4) “Al-’Awsat” (1 / foil 220/B).

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