In Islaam There Are Only Two Eids: Eidul Fitr And Eidul Adhaa. By Sh. Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan

Regretfully, muslims these days celebrate many Eids [festivals] some are temporal others are spatial. Examples on the former are the following: the prophet’s (saw) birthday, the Day of Ascent, the night preceding the fifteenth of Sha‘baan, the righteous birthdays, the day of accention to the throne which is adopted from the Persian New Year’s Day, the Revolution day against a king or so which is similar to the festival done by the westerners, the evacuation day (of foreign troops), the day of Independence and other such false Eids(1) that Allaah (swt) never permits.

As for the spacial festivals; they were invented by the ignorants such as: gathering in cemeteries, visiting graves so often or on special occasions – as what happens near the so called Badawee grave in Egypt and the so called Al-Husain grave in Karbulaa’ and the so called Abdil Qaadir Al-Jeelaanee, in Bagdaad.

These three places were made places of celebration by those who have no sense of understanding, imitating the pure muslims’ gathering around the Ka‘bah, on ‘Arafaat, Muzdalifah and Minaa on the days of Hajj.

The aforementioned graves are only few to mention for the purpose here is not to name them but to warn [muslims] against imitating the disbelievers in their temporal and special “Eids”.(2)


(1) In some muslim countries, muslims celebrate many festivals which Allāh () did not permit -not to mention disbelieving countries. For example, statistics show that muslims in India celebrate nearly (144) festivals annually. Indeed, there is no power nor might but with Allāh ().

(2) “Al-Īdāhu Wat Tabyīn Limā waqa‘a Fīhil Aktharūn Min Mushābhatil Mushrikīn” (pp. 54-5).

See also: “Al-Amru Bi Ittibā‘ Wan Nahyu ‘Anil Ibtidā‘” (pp. 119-…), “Iqtidā’us Sirātil Mustaqīm” (p. 316) and “A‘yādul Islām” (pp. 8-…) by Sulaimān Ali Al- Ja‘barī.

[Taken from ‘The Clarifies Ruling Of Mistakes Done In Salaah’ By Shaykh Mashhoor Hasan Aal-Salmaan, p.388]


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