Speaking Out Against The Caller To Innovation – Quotes From Imaam Ahmad

Quote 1:

Muhammad Bin Bindaar Al-Jarjaanee once said to Imaam Ahmad, “It has become hard for me to say this person is like this, and that person is like that (i.e. disparaging them).

So Imaam Ahmad replied, “If you remain silent, and I remain silent, than how will the ignorant person know (realize) the authentic (narration) from the weak?

[Majmoo’ Al-Fataawaa (28/231)]

Quote 2:

And once when Imaam Ahmad was asked about Husayn Al-Karaabeesee, he replied to the questioner saying, “He is an onnivator.

And on another occasion he said, “Beware, beware of Husayn Al-Karaabeesee. Do not speak to him, and do not speak to those who speak to him.

[Refer to Taareekh Baghdad (8/65-66)]

Quote 3:

In fact the Salaf would hold that speaking out against the innovators was better than fasting, praying and making ‘Itikaaf.

It was once said to Imaam Ahmad, “If a man fasts, prays and makes ‘Itikaaf, is that more beloved to you or that he speakes out against the innovators?

So he replied, “If he fasts and prays and makes ‘Itikaaf, then that is for himself, but if he speaks out against the innovators, than this is for the Muslims. This is better.

[Majmoo’ Al-Fataawaa (28/231)]


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