Aboo Haneefah’s Position On Theological Rhetoric

Theological Rhetoric – Not A Great Science:

Imaam Abu Haneefah said, “The people of innovation in Basrah are many. I went there twenty odd times, and sometimes I stayed there for a year or more, or perhaps less, under the impression that the knowledge of rhetoric was the greatest of sciences.

[Manaaqib Abee Haneefah, by Al-Kurdee, p. 137]

Aboo Haneefah Curses ‘Amr Bin ‘Ubayd:

Imaam Aboo Haneefah also said, “May Allaah curse ‘Amr Ibn ‘Ubayd, for verily he made way for the people to become engrossed in theological rhetoric that does not benefit them.

[Thammul Kalaam, by Al-Harawee Pp. 28-31]

Stick To The Narrations And The Way Of The Salaf!

Once a man asked him, “What do you say about the theological rhetoric that the people have invented relating to the nonessential characteristics (a’raadh) and the bodies (ajsaam)?

So Imaam Aboo Haneefah replied, “These are words of the Philosophers! Stick to the narrations and the way of the Salaf, and beware of all newly invented affairs, for verily they are innovations.

[Thammul Kalaam (194/b)]

Aboo Haneefah Advises His Son, Hammaad To Leave Off Theological Rhetoric:

Hamaad, the son of Aboo Haneefah, said, “My father – may Allaah have mercy upon him – came to me one day, while I was sitting with some people of theological rhetoric (kalaam) arguing about an issue with raised voices. So when I heard him in the house, I went to him.

He said to me, ‘O Hammaad, who is with you?

I said, ‘So and so, so and so, and so and so,‘ naming them to him.

He asked me, ‘And what are they talking about?

I replied, ‘About such and such issue.

So he said to me, ‘O Hammaad, leave off theological rhetoric!

I never knew my father to be confused or to order something and then later prohibit that very thing.

So I said to him, ‘O father, didn’t you tell me to learn it (theological rhetoric)?

He said, ‘Yes, my son, and today I prohibit you from it.

I said, ‘And why is that?

He said, ‘O my son, these people disputing over different issues of theological rhetoric are people that used to be united upon one position and one religion, until Shaytaan (the Devil) came whispering between them, and spread hatred and differing between them, until they all ended up in opposition to one another.

[Manaaqib Abee Haneefah, by Al-Makkee, Pp. 183-184]

Aboo Haneefah’s Advice To Aboo Yoosuf Not To Even Promote The Haqq By Way Of Theological Rhetoric:

Aboo Haneefah said to his student , Aboo Yoosuf, “Beware of speaking to the common-folk about matters of faith by way of theological rhetoric, since they blindly follow you, and they will become preoccupied with that.

[Manaaqib Abee Haneefah, by Al-Makkee, p. 373]


3 Responses to “Aboo Haneefah’s Position On Theological Rhetoric”

  1. Abdul Majid Mohammed Says:

    WHat is Theological Rhetoric? I am quite dumb, please bear with me.

  2. May Allah reward you for your efforts and grand you paradise Insh’Allah.

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