More Quotes From The Salaf Regarding Theological Rhetoric

Imaam Al-Baghawee (d. 516) said, “So the scholars from the people of the sunnah are united upon the prohibition of quarrelling and argumentation, and upon discouraging others away from learning or discussing theological rhetoric.

[Sharhus Sunah 1/216]

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee said, “That a slave meets Allaah with everything He forbade except shirk is better for him than theological rhetoric. Indeed I have seen things from the people of theological rhetoric that I do not think a Muslim would say.

[Aadaabush Shaafi’ee, by Ibn Abee Haatim, p. 182]

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee also said, “Whoever manifests nationalism or theological rhetoric and calls to it, then he has apostated from the testimony (shahaadah)…

[Al-Hujjah, by Isma’eel Ibnul Fadhl, (7/b)]

Imaam Ahmad said to Al-Mu’tasim during the days of his trial, “I am not a person of argumentation or theological rhetoric. I am only a person of narrations and reports.

[Al-Mihnah, by Hanbal Ibn Is-haaq, p. 54]

[All of the above was taken from “The Creed Of The Four Imaams” p. 10]


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