The Sunnah Is Sufficient For You

Aboo Tharr (ra) said, “Indeed the Messenger of Allaah (saw) passed away, and there is not a bird flapping its wings in the sky, except that he mentioned to us something about it.

[Ahmad 5/153, among others, and its chain is authentic]

Salmaan Al-Farisee (ra) narrated that it was said to him, “Your Prophet has taught you everything, even how you relieve yourselves?

So he said to them, “Yes indeed! And he has prohibited us from facing the qibla whilst relieving ourselves…

[Muslim 1/152, and Ahmad 8]

And this is a clear proof against biddah. The sunnah has taught you everything you need to know to get you closer to your Lord, so why innovate? To know the evil dangers of bidah please read ‘The Evil Dangers Of Biddah‘.


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