Is There Tashbeeh (Resemblance) In What Allaah Has Described Himself With?

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee said:

“We affirm these attributes that the Qur’aan came with, and those that are mentioned in the sunnah; and we negate the idea of something resembling Him (tashbeeh) (1), since He negated this from Himself, saying:

There is nothing like unto Him.” [42:11]” (2)

Likewise, IMaam Ash-Shaafi’ee also said:

“…We affirm these Attributes and negate any tashbeeh (resemblance), since Allaah the Exalted hs negated it whilst mentioning Himself. He has said:

There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.” [42:11]”


(1) In regards to tashbeeh, Al-Haafidh Nu’aym Ibn Hammaad (d. 228) said, “Whosoever claims that Allaah resembles His creation has disbelieved, and whosoever denies whatever Allaah described Himself with has also disbelieved. And there is no tashbeeh at all in what Allaah has described Himself with, nor in what His Messenger (saw) has described Him with.” Refer to Al-‘Uluww no. 217.

(2) Siyar A’laamin Nubalaa’ 20/341


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