“I Am the City Of Knowledge, And Alee Is Its Gate.” A Fabricated Hadeeth

Hadith: “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.”

The narrators of the hadith (attributed to their narrations falsely):

1) Abdullah Ibn Abbas (radiyallahu anhu)
2) Jabir bin Abdullah (radiyallahu anhu)
3) Anas bin Malik (radiyallahu anhu)
4) Ali bin Abi Talib (radiyallahu anhu)

The hadith has been shown\declared to be false\fabricated by the following scholars:

Yahya Bin Ma’een
Source: al Jarh wat-Ta’deel 6/99
Su’alat ibn Junayd #185
Tareekh Baghdad 11/205

Ahmad Bin Hanbal
Source: Tareekh Baghdad 11/49

Ibn Hibban
Source: al Majruheen 2/136

Ibn ’Adi
Source: al Kamel fi ad-Du’afa 1/311 & 316

Source: Ta’liqat ‘ala al Majruheen 179

Ibn Al-Qaisarani
Source: Dhakhirat al Huffadh 5/2578 – Tadhkirat al Huffadh #136

Ibn Al-Arabi al Maliki
Source: Ahkam al Quran 3/86

Ibn A’sakir
Source: Tareekh Dimashq 45\321

Ibn Al-Jawzi
Source: Al Mawdu’at 2/112-116

Source: Tahdheeb al Asma’ wal-Lughat 1/348

Source: Tahdheeb al Kamal 11/462

Al Dhahabi
Source: Mizan al-I’tidal 1/415 – 1/110

Read more on this topic here: http://www.ahlelbayt.com/articles/hadith/city-of-knowledge


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