The Shield Of A Scholar: “Allaahu ‘Alam. I Do Not Know”

The Shield Of A Scholar:

Imaam Maalik said, “The shield of the Scholar is, ‘I do not know’, so if he leaves it down, his attacker will strike him.” (1)

Imaam Maaliks Responses To Questions He Didn’t Know:

Haitham Ibn Jameel said, “I heard Imaam Maalik being asked about forty-eight (48) issues. So he answered thirty-two (32) of them with ‘I do not know’.

Khaalid Ibn Khaddaash said, “I came to Imaam Maalik with forty (40) issues, So he did not respond except to five issues.

A Scholars Advice To A Student:

‘Adbullaah Ibn Yazeed Ibn Hurmuz said, “It is befitting for the scholar that he passes on to his students the statement, ‘I do not know’, until that becomes the foundation that they flee to.

Half Of Deen:

Ibn ‘Adbil-Barr said, “It is authentically related from Abu Dardaa’ that ‘I do not know’ is half of knowledge.” (2)


(1) Al-Intiqaa’, p. 37

(2) Jaami’ Bayaanil ‘Ilm Wa Fadhlih, 1/54.

[Creed 100]


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