Taqiyyah Exposed – Part 1

[By TripolySunni]
[Edited, abridged and arranged by :gift2shias]
[Further edited by: TheAuthenticBase]

Fiqh of Taqqiyah:

Taqqiyah according to the Scholars of Islam and Ahlul Sunnah is as follows:

Imam Qurtube in “Jamiul ahkam” wrote:

“And it was said that if believer resides between disbelievers, if he has a fear about his life, he can manage them by his tongue, while his soul would be full with belief. AND TAQIYA ISN’T PERMITTED EXCEPT IF THERE IS A FEAR OF BEING KILLED, OR FEAR THAT LIMB COULD BE CUTTED, OR (ANY OTHER) GREAT PUNISHMENT. And if someone is forced to make kufr, authentic view that he can persist and refuse to say kalimatul-kufr”.

On the other hand, we have the Twelver Shia sect who have their own version of taqqiyah which is different than the taqqiyah normally permitted in Islam.

A Twelver Shiite will claim that taqqiyah in his sect is a means to avoid danger and is only done in extreme circumstances when his life is in danger.

We’ll translate the following narrations from the shia books to see if they lie about this matter or not, and to see if taqqiyah is basically just outright lying or a means to save one’s life, also to see if those shia are making their imams look like untrustworthy liars whose religion is based on deceit by fabricating a huge load of self-contradicting narrations and attributing them to the 11 imams.

Opinions of shia scholars:

1) Shaykh Saduq, ibn Babaveyh al-Qummi in his “al-Itiqadat” (p 114) said:

Our belief regarding taqqiyah is that it is obligatory. He who leaves it is like he who leaves praying, and it’s impermissible to dismiss it until the Mahdi rises, he who leaves it before al Mahdi rises has left the religion of Allah and the religion of imami shia and has disobeyed Allah and the Prophet and the Imams.

2) As it quoted in “Bihar al Anwar” 75/421 and “Mustadraq safeenat al bihar” 10/416, author of al-Hidaya said

Taqqiyah is obligatory and it’s impermissible to leave it until the Mahdi rises and he who left it has broken the rule of Allah and his Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) and the Imams (alaihuma salam).

3) Abbas al Qummi said in “Al kuna wal alqab” 1/141:

Taqqiyah is an obligatory act upon us in the government of oppressors -he means sunni islamic caliphate- and he who leaves it has left the religion of imami Shia and strayed from it.

4) In “Mirat al-anwar” (p 337), Amili said:

The sahih and clear narrations are mutawatir and they prove that taqqiyah shall remain until the Mahdi would rise.

5) Ayatollat Khomayni said in “Al Makasib al muharramah” (2/162):

Leaving taqqiyah is a sin which can lead to the bottom of hell and is equal to rejecting the prophethood and Allah.

However he contradicted to him self, when he said:

Taqqiyah is HARAM and exposing the truth is obligatory no matter what the price.

Source: “Al Taqqiyah fil Fikr al islam”i – Markaz al Risalah p103, “Durous fil jihad wal Rafd” p55.

Exactly as Allah said:

Do they not then meditate on the Quran? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many a discrepancy (contradictions).” [4:82]

6) While Khomayni is speaking about the types of taqqiyah he explains the “Mudaratiyah taqqiyah” and says:

It is the act of making those who differ with us – Ahlul sunnah – love us and to lure them by friendliness in a situation where there is no fear of harm or damage -to the shia- unlike the taqqiyah of fear.

Source: “Al Rasael” 2/174

7) And Khomayni said:

Taqqiyah is wajib (obligatory) with those who differ with us -Ahlul Sunnah- even if there is no fear on one’s self or on someone else’s.

Source: “Al Rasael” 2/201.

8) Shirazi said:

The Purpose of taqqiyah is not limited to preserve one’s self and to repel harm and danger from the self and the family and the money. But it can be to preserve the unity of the Muslims in situations where there is no need to reveal the true beliefs/Aqeedah or defend them. It can be for other purposes as well like spreading the message in a better way…

Source: “Al Qawa’ed al Fiqhiyah” 1/410.

Now you understand that shias lying when they say that they haven’t to do taqqiyah with us.

Basically they’ll lie to get close to you and then spread their message and bit by bit you’ll start cursing the same companions they curse.


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