The Most Benfitial Type Of knowledge Is Knowing Your Lord Through His Names & Attributes

Benefitial Knowledge

Ibn Uthaymeen mentions

“The first knowledge that enters into that is the knowledge of Allaah’s Names, His Characteristics and Attributes, and His Actions. Knowing this is the most beneficial of al sciences and it is the most superior of the divine message. It is the summarisation of the Prophetic Da’wah. By it, the religion is established in statement, action and belief…”

“Eemaan in Allaah, His Names, Attributes and Actions is the basis of the whole religion and the summarisation of the call of the Messengers. It is the most serious of obligations and the best of what the hearts gain, and the best of what the intellects perceive.”

[Taken from Ibn Uthaymeens explanation of ‘Al-‘Aqeedah Al-Hamawiyyah, Pp. 13-15]


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