The Speech Of Allaah, Part 5 | Is Allaah Mute?

There is another point that the belief of the Ash ‘arees implies, and this is a very dangerous implication: Just as the attribute of speech is a noble attribute, its opposite, muteness, is a characteristic that is not desired, nor is it considered praiseworthy.

It is well known that the one who is mute is not like the one who speaks.

Therefore, to claim that Allaah does not possess the attribute of speech (or to interpret it away as the Ash’arees do) is in reality blasphemous, as this then implies that the Creator is mute, yet Allaah is free of all attributes of imperfection.

In fact, this principle of faith was one of the most powerful arguments that the prophets used to deny the worship of other than Allaah! The stories of Ibraaheem and Moosaa clearly show this.

[Taken from: “An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur’aan” By Yaasir Qaadhee, p. 92]


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