The Speech Of Allaah, Part 6 | The Story Of Ibraaheem (a.s)

The story of Ibraaheem:

The story of Ibraaheem and the idols is well known to all: Ibraaheem destroyed all of the idols of his people except the largest one. When his people discovered this, they questioned him as to whether he was the culprit. Ibraaheem answered, as is mention din the Qur’aan:

“Rather, this one, the biggest of them (idols) did it! (Why don’t you) ask them, if they can speak!” So they turned to themselves and said: “Verily, you are the wrong-doers (since you left the idols unguarded).” Then they turned to themselves (again) and (responded): “Indeed you know very well (O Ibraaheem) that these (idols) cannot speak.” (Ibraaheem) replied: “Do you then worship besides Allah, things that can neither profit you, nor harm you? Fie upon you, and upon that which you worship besides Allah! Have you then no sense?” ” [21:63-67]

In these verses, Ibraaheem showed his people that their idols were not worthy of worship, primarily because they could not speak!

After they themselves acknowledged this, Ibraaheem rebuked them and asked them, “Have you no sense?!” meaning, “How can an object that cannot even speak be worthy of worship?” Notice that Ibraaheem was referring to a speech that could be heard, for Ibraaheem’s people did not answer Ibraaheem with the belief of the Ash’ariyyah, “Our god speaks, but a speech that is not heard – an in ternal speech of the mind!” for they understood what Ibraaheem meant!

This is why they turned to themselves, and realised the foolishness of their actions, and could only reply with the feeble response that everyone knew that their idols could not speak!

[Taken from: “An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur’aan” By Yaasir Qaadhee, Pp. 45-46]


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