The Speech Of Allaah, Part 7 | The Story Of Moosaa (a.s)

The Story of Moosaa

Likewise, when the Children of Israa’eel took the calf that they had built as an object of worship, they were reprimanded in the Qur’aan. Allaah says,

Did they (those who worshipped the calf) not realise thai it (the calf) could not respond to them with a (single) word, nor did it have any power to harm or benefit them?” [20:89]

In another verse, Allaah says.

And the people of Moosaa made in his absence, out of their ornaments, the image of a calf that made a sound (like the mooing of a cow). Did they not realise that it could not speak to them, nor guide them to the (straight) path?” [7:148]

In these two verses, Allaah reprimanded the Children ol Israa’eel for worshipping the calf, since the calf was not a perfect object, unci one of the clearest indications that it was not worthy of worship was that it could not speak! Even though the calf made noises, it was not capable of intelligent speech.


Therefore, these two stories show that muteness and incoherent speech are attributes that do not befit the Creator, and thus the people of Ibraaheem and Moosaa were rebuked lor taking gods that were mute.

Yet, the Ash’arees, thinking that they were removing all negative attributes from Allaah, in reality equated the Creator with the attributes of these idols, and thus fell into the same error as the people of Moosaa and Ibraaheem did with regards to the attribute of speech!

This is why Haaroon ibn Ma’roof (d. 231 A.H.), one of the scholars of the salaf, said,

“Whoever presumes that Allaah does not speak, then in reality he is worshipping idols.” (1)


(1) Reported by ‘Abdullaah ibn Ahmad, # 209

[Taken from: “An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur’aan” By Yaasir Qaadhee, Pp. 46-47]


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  1. indeed Allaah spoke to Moosa alyhi salam Takleemaa!….wakallama Allaahu Moosa Takleemaa

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