What The Scholars Said In Praise Of Imaam Ahmad

Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee (d.204) said;

“I left Baghdaad, and I did not leave behind me a man better, having more knowledge, or greater fiqh (understanding), nor having greater taqwaa (piety) than Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.”

Aboo Daawood (d.275) said;

“The lectures of Ahmad were sittings of the hereafter. He would not mention in them anything of the worldly affairs; and I never saw him mention this world (elsewhere).”

‘Alee Ibn Al-Madeenee (d.234) said;

“Indeed Allaah aided this religion through Aboo Bakr as-Sideeq on the day of the apostasy; and through Ahmad Ibn Hanbal on the day of the trial.” (1)

Qutaybah Ibn Sa’eed (d.240) (i.e, this guy) said;

“If you see a man loving Ahmad, then know that he is a person of the Sunnah.”

Ibraaheem al-Hatbee (d.285) said;

“I saw Aboo ‘Abdillaah (Ahmad Ibn Hanbal), and it was as if Allaah had gathered for him the knowledge of the earlier people and the later people.” (2)


(1) Tathkiratul Huffaath, 2/432

(2) The above narrations were taken from Siyar ‘Alaamin Nubulaa’, 11/177-358


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