The ‘Aqeedah Of Ibn ‘Abdul-Barr (And A Refutation Of The Ash’ariyyah)

Ibn ‘Abdul-Barr (d. 463) said:

“Ahlu Sunnah are agreed in affirming all the Attributes of Allaah which are related in the Qur’aan and the sunnah, having eemaan (faith) in them and understanding them ‘alal-haqeeqah (in a real sense) not ‘alal-majaaz (metaphorically).

How they are is not to be asked. However the Jahmiyyah, the Mu’tazilah, and the Khawaarij all deny them (1) and do not carry them ‘alal-haqeeqah; claiming that whoever affirms them has made tashbeeh (resemblance), and they claim that whoever recites them (as they are) is a mushabbih (a person who likens Allaah to the creation)”

[At-Tamheed of Ibn ‘Abdul-Barr, 7/145]


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