Why Takfeer Is Not Done Upon The Ash’ariyyah

It must be noted that the Jahmiyyah deny the Attributes out front and strip Allaah off all of His Attributes which He has described HImself with.

The Ash’ariyyah however, perform ta’wel (interpret them away). This ta’weel has the same consequence. So the one who misinterprets the Attributes has in fact denied them.

However, because the Ash’ariyyah do not say ‘we deny the Attributes‘ rather they say ‘we interpret them in such and such a way‘, takfeer is NOT done upon them, even though the consequence of their ta’weel leads to nothing but ta’teel.

And this is a fundamental principle in the area of debating that if someone says abc (which is ‘minor’ kufr), which therefore means xyz (major kufr which kicks one out of Islaam), and xyz is the natural consequence of the belief of abc, one cannot say that person believes in xyz (hence one cannot say belief abc kicks one out of Islaam).

The Ash’ariyyah, for example have many ideologies which indirectly necessitates that they believe in certain concepts (1). These concepts in and of themselves kick the person out of Islaam, however because they are not explicitly stated by the Ash’ariyyah, takfeer is not done upon them, however, their kufr is blatant to all those with intellect.

Remember this as it is a fundamental principle in Islaam as stated by the Scholars. And it is for this reason that Takfeer was done upon the Jahmiyyah yet not done upon the Ash’ariyyah. And as far as I am aware, no scholar in history has done takfeeer upon the Ash’ariyyah.


(1) For example, it can be said that their belief of saying that Allaah does not speak with a voice, means that the Qur’aan is created. And to say that ‘the Qur’aan is created’ kicks one out of Islaam, as stated by Ibn ‘Abbaas as well as all the salaf.


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