A few Examples Of Ta’weel, By Imaam al-Juwaynee (d. 438H)

Imaam al-Juwaynee (1) (d. 438) said:

“…I found in the books of the later scholars, from the mutakallimoon (the people of theological rhetoric and innovated speech) their making of ta’weel (of Allaah’s Attributes) of al-istiwaa (Allaah ascending above the creation) by saying that it meant qahr (His dominance) and isteelaa (His conquering);

Ta’weel of (Allaah’s Attribute) of an-Nuzool by saying that it meant His commands descends;

Ta’weel of (Allaah’s Attribute) of al-Yadain (the Hands of Allaah) to mean His Power or His Favour;

And ta’weel of al-Qadam (the Foot of Allaah) to mean the fine rewards with their Lord – and the likes of this…”

[Risaalah Ithbaatul Istiwaa Wal-Fawqiyyah, Pp. 176-183]

He then goes on to explain the falseness of such beliefs, and affirms that the way of Ahlu Sunnah is to accept them without ta’weel (twisting the meanings), ta’teel (denial) etc.


(1) Imaam al-Juwaynee was a Shaafi’ee  faqeeh and initially followed the Ash’ariyy madhab in ‘aqeedah. However he retracted from this and returned to the madhab of the salaf, as is attested to by his book, “Risaalah Ithbaatul Istiwaa Wal-Fawqiyyah“.


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