It Is The People Of Ta’weel Who Liken Allaah To The Creation

Know dear readers that it is the person of ta’weel who is in fact likening Allah to the creation, not the one who affirms what Allaah has affirmed for himself.

It is a fact, that the Mu’awwil (the one who does ta’weel) of the Attributes of Allaah, in fleeing from tashbeeh (saying there is any resemblance, i.e, anthropomorphism) and fearing it, has been ignorant of a great reality and this is the impossibility of there being any likeness between the Attributes of Allaah and the attributes of His slaves, since there can be no likeness between the Attributes of the Creator and the attributes of the creation (1) ever.

And this is due to the fact that Allaah has informed us that there is nothing like Him and He is the All-Hearing, and the All-Seeing, and that He is Unique (Ahad) and that there is no equal to Him.

The one who perform ta’weel is also a denier (mukadhdhib) because he has rejected (2) Allaah with respect to His saying:

There is nothing like Him,” [42:11]

And this is because he understood the Attributes with which Allaah has described Himself with to be similar to those of the creation, so the anthropomorphism (tashbeeh) initiated in him and in his understanding.

Know, that “There is nothing like Him, and He is the All-Hearing, The All-Seeing.” [42:11]

And from this, the falsehood of the people of Innovation – when they say about those who are upon the way of the Salaf – that they commit tashbeeh (resemble Allaah to the creation) but seek to protect themselves by the saying, “But we do not know how,” is known. For the Ahlu Sunnah are the most furthest from committing tashbeeh.


(1) Just like the Life of Allaah is different form our life. Allaah is Alive (Al-Hayy) yet His life differs from our life. We require air to live, He does not. Our life was with a beggining and an end, His is not. Refer to this post for more info.

(2) When a person twists the meaning of one of the Attributes of Allaah (i.e. does ta’weel), then he has, whether he sees it or not, denied that Attribute. And it is for this reason that Abul-Qaasim Ibn mandah said in his book “Ar-radd ‘Alal Jahmiyyah” that “to the Ashaabul Hadeeth, ta’weel is a form of rejection (takdheeb).” And the same has been stated by many of the Salaf including Imaam Aboo Hanefah as I have quoted previously in one of me older posts.

[Taken from “Foundations Of The Sunnah, Pp. 127-128 with slight editing]


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