Allaah Is Above The Throne (Refuting The Ash’ariyyah & Those Like Them) Part 1

O ‘Abdullaah Ibn al-Mubaarak, How Do We Know Our Lord?:

‘Alee Ibn al-Hasan Ibn ash-Shaqeeq said, “I said to ‘Abdullaah Ibn al-Mubaarak (d. 181), ‘How are we to know our Lord?

He (‘Abdullaah Ibn al-Mubaarak) replied:

“He is above the seventh Heaven, above His Throne, and we do not say as the Jahmiyyah say, ‘He is here upon the earth’.”

So that was mentioned to Imaam Ahmad and he said:

“That is how it is with us.”

[Ar-Radd ‘Alal Mareesee, of ad-Daarimee, p. 24. And Ar-Radd ‘Alal Jahmiyyah, p. 50]

Aboo Haneefah Declares The Denier To Be A Kaafir:

Aboo Mutee’ al-Hakam al-Balkhee said,

I asked (imaam) Aboo Haneefah about the one who says, ‘I do not know whether my Lord is above the Heavens (fis-samaa’) or the earth.

So he said:

‘He is a kaafir, since Allaah, the Most High, says:

The Most Merciful has ascended over the Throne.” [20:5]

…And His ‘Arsh (Throne) is above the Heavens.’

So I said, “If he says, ‘I say that He ascended above the ‘Arsh (Throne), but I do not know whether the Throne is above the Heavens (fis-samaa’) or the earth.‘ (then what is the ruling regarding him?)”

He (Imaam Aboo Haneefah) said:

“If he denies that He is above the Heaven, then he is a kaafir.”

[Reported by adh-Dhahabee in “Mukhtasirul ‘Uluww”, no. 118]

How Do We Know Our Lord?:

It was said to Ibn al-Mubaarak:

“How are we to know our Lord?”

He (‘Abdullaah Ibn al-Mubaarak) replied:

“Above the Heavens, over (‘alaa) His Throne.”

[Khalq Af’aalul ‘Ibaad, by Imaam Bukhaaree (yup he authored more than one book!), no. 13]

The Verdict Of Imaam Bukhaaree’s Teacher:

Muhammad Ibn Yoosuf (one of he teachers of Imaam Bukhaaree) said:

“The one who says that Allaah is not over (‘alaa) His Throne is a kaafir. And the one who thinks that Allaah did not speak to Moosaa is a kaafir.”

[Khalq Af’aalul ‘Ibaad, by Imaam Bukhaaree, no. 66]


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