Ta’weel Can Never Produce Certainty

Ustaadh Aboo Rumaysah, says at the end of his article titled, “An Analysis of the Ash’aree claims against Ahlus Sunnah Concerning this Topic” on the issue of the futility of Ta’weel:

..Ta’weel by it’s very nature is not definite, and the person making ta’weel can never be certain that he has arrived at the truth, an indication of which has preceded in the words of al-Yamaanee.

Ibn Attar the famous student of an-Nawawi said, “and the meaning of what they make ta’weel of is not established.” [ See later on ibn al-Attar.]

Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaanee said,

The one who takes the path of the khalaf cannot be sure that that which he makes ta’weel of is the intended meaning, and it is not possible to be certain of the correctness of the ta’weel.

[‘Fath al-Baaree’ of ibn Hajr (13/436)]

So we direct this question to the Ash’arees: you do not allow Aahaad narrations to be used in matters of belief, because in your eyes they are doubtful yet you allow ta’weel, which by it’s nature is doubtful, in a matter as fundamental as the Names and Attributes of Allaah! Explain to us this inconsistency!



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