Be Responsible And Learn Parenting!

Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

Looking at my stats it seems that not a lot of attention is being paid to the articles I’ve posted on about parenting.

Unfortunate to say, parenting is one of the main tasks of each and every one of us, whether married or otherwise, yet at the same time, one of the most neglected of topics learnt.

There are many negative aspects and attitudes some parents have towards their children. Just the other day I was doing some shopping and I saw a mother kick her little daughter in the store. The sad thing is, I knew this sweet little girl (as she was a mate’s 6 year old younger sister) and she saw me see her mother kick her. Allaahu akbar, the embarrassment on her face.

Kids only pick up habits from parents and those whom the parents allow them to pick habits up from.

For example, the child knows Arabic as well as english. Why? Because the parents speak Arabic.

The child knows Urdu as well as english. Why? Because the parents speak Urdu.

The child knows Somali as well as english. Why? Because the parents speak Somali.

Now, the child swears! Why? … Ask yourself?

Learn adab. As your kids inherit their characteristics from you!

What are your kids watching on tv? ‘Just’ cartoons? Have you ever seen what they watch? ‘Just’ cartoons right? So there’s no violence there? There’s no exposure of women there?

You think you’ve done your ‘fabulous’ job of babysitting by buying him a playstation or sitting him down in front of the tv, but thats just a cheep babysitter. That just shows your lack of knowledge of parenting. Thats just shows someone’s not a good parent.

If your answer to your daughter/son’s query is a simple reply of ‘shut up’ or a kick, then what are you showing them? You’re showing them that you don’t know the solution to the problem, your showing them that when the solution cannot be reached, when the problem cannot be solved, then proceed to violence and aggression.

Please, as ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab said:

‘Learn before you are put into scenarios/positions, because when you are put in scenarios/positions, you will have no time to learn.”

For your kids sake, learn parenting. And I’ll cut it short here and ask you to read the following posts:

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