Who Are The Saved Sect? Are They The Majority?

Describing the saved sect, the Messenger of Allaah gave different descriptions on different occasions. He (saw) mentioned them as:

(a) “What I and my companions are upon today” [At-Tirmidhee 2792]

(b) “The Jamaa’ah

(c) “As-Suwaad Al-A’dham (the main body)“.

The main body‘ here does not rerfer to the great majority of people in every age and era, rather this is specific for the era of the Companions and the Taabi’een (those whome the messenger of Allaah praised).

And furthermore, that person is from the Jama’ah who agrees and conmforms to the truth, even if he is alone:

Ibn Mas’ood (d. 32H) said,

“The jamaa’ah is whatever agrees with the truth – even if you are alone.”

[Reported in Taareekh Dimashq with an authentic chain of narration]

Ishaaq Ibn Raahawaih (d. 238H), the teacher of Imaam Bukhaaree, said:

“If you were to ask the ignorant people about the ‘Main Body’ they would say, ‘The majority of people.‘ they do not know that the jamaa’ah is the scholar who clings to the narrations from the Prophet (saw) and his way.

So whoever is with the him (the scholar) and follows him, then he is the Jama’ah.”

[Aboo Nu’aym in Hilyatul Awliyaah]

And lastly, as Sufyaan Ath-Thawree mentioned:

“If a scholar is on top of a mountain, then he is the Jamaa’ah.”


25 Responses to “Who Are The Saved Sect? Are They The Majority?”

  1. saabiqoon0inshaallaah Says:

    Allaahuma-aj’alnaa minhum ya Rabb!

  2. Bismillah

    Assalaamu alaykum

    Its the majority which is right in the era of the Companions and the Taabi’een. Allah says many of many mankind prostrates to him.This means they are right people not innovators.

    22:18. See you not that to Allâh prostrates whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, and the trees, and Ad-Dawâb (moving living creatures, beasts, etc.), and many of mankind? But there are many (men) on whom the punishment is justified. And whomsoever Allâh disgraces, none can honour him. Verily! Allâh does what He wills.

    Number of people from Prophet Salla lahu alaihi wa sallam ‘s time and few from later times including goodly number from later and current times:
    56:10 And those Foremost (in Faith) will be Foremost (in the Hereafter).
    11These will be those Nearest to Allah:
    12 In Gardens of Bliss:
    13 A number of people from those of old
    14 And a few from those of later times.
    56:38 For the companions of the Right Hand.
    39 A (goodly) number from those of old
    40 And a (goodly) number from those of later times.

    Many are disbelievers:
    6: 116. And if you obey most of those on earth, they will mislead you far away from Allâh’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.

    Stick to the main group:
    Al-Tirmidhi HadithHadith 3694 Narrated byAl-Harith al-Ash’ari
    Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “I command you to do five things: to maintain the community, to listen, to obey, to emigrate, and to
    fight in Allah’s cause. He who secedes from the community as much as a span has cast off the tie of Islam from his neck unless he returns, and he who summons to what the pre-Islamic people believed belongs to the assemblies of Jahannam even if he fasts, prays, and asserts that he is a Muslim.”Ahmad and Tirmidhi transmitted it.

    But if there is no group nor Imam then stay alone and one will be considered being included in the majority of Sahaba and taa’bieen way:
    Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 9.206 Narrated byHudhaifa bin Al Yaman
    The people used to ask Allah’s Apostle about the good but I used to ask him about the evil lest I should be overtaken by them. So I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! We were living in ignorance and in an (extremely) worst atmosphere, then Allah brought to us this good (i.e., Islam); will there be any evil after this good?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Will there be any good after that evil?” He replied, “Yes, but it will be tainted (not pure.)” I asked, “What will be its taint?” He replied, )There will be) some people who will guide others not according to my tradition. You will approve of some of their deeds and disapprove of some others.” I asked, “Will there be any evil after that good?” He replied, “Yes, (there will be) some people calling at the gates of the (Hell) Fire, and whoever will respond to their call, will be thrown by them into the (Hell) Fire.” I said, “O Allah s Apostle! Will you describe t hem to us?” He said, “They will be from our own people and will speak our language.” I said, “What do you order me to do if such a state should take place in my life?” He said, “Stick to the group of Muslims and their Imam (ruler).” I said, “If there is neither a group of Muslims nor an Imam (ruler)?” He said, “Then turn away from all those sects even if you were to bite (eat) the roots of a tree till death overtakes you while you are in that state.”


  3. bismillahirahmaniraheem

    asalmaulaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    barakallahufeek my brother, this is a very good post.

    May Allah tala reward you

  4. dustkicka Says:

    Only Allah knows whats in our hearts

    Lets work as hard as we can trying to emulate the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah and rely on Allahs mercy.

  5. Ibn Waqaas Says:

    Akhee, what do u say about the recent opinions of usama hasan and ……..

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      1) Regarding the evolution theory (I’m guessing that’s what ur referring to), then there is no validity and no proof whatsoever to say that Aadam had a mother and father. None whatsoever. So Usaama Hasan is no doubt misguided.

      2) Usaama Hasan, however is not misguided only because of this opinion. I spoke to a few other shaykhs and they affirmed that Usaama Hasan has other deviated belief regarding hijaab and other stuff.

      3) I deleted out the second name, as there is no benefit in naming the second person. However, this second person is a respected Shaykh, well known for his Salafiyyah, so i say nothing about him, except that he errored in saying the opinion of Usaama hasan is ‘valid though I do not hold that view’.

      Usaama Hasan’a opinion is NOT valid. It is kufr.

      I hope this has answered ur qstn…

      • Ibn Waqaas Says:

        Wow, quick reply, lol…

        So what about that verse which says that the example of Adam is like the example of jesus or something?

        • Yes the verse was revealed as a refutation of the Christian belief that claims Jesus is devine bcz ‘he has no father’.

          Allaah revealed a verse refuting this sating that the example of Jesus is like that of Aadam:

          Verily, the likeness of ‘Iesa (Jesus) before Allah is the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then (He) said to him: “Be!” – and he was. [3:59]

          So if Jesus is devine bcz he had no father, than shouldn’t Aadam, be more devine and ‘special’ bcz he had no father nor a mother.

          THIS^ is the reason for the revelation of the verse, the verse is refuting the concept of ‘no parenthood makes one devine’. So Allaah is showing the Christians that having no father (like jesus) doesnt make one devine bcz Aadam had no father nor mother.

          • Ibn Waqaas Says:

            but isnt it true (as usama hasan said) that the verse doesn’t say anything about adam not having a father???

            I’m confused

            • I agree the verse doesn’t say he has a father, but the mufassireen have said this in there explanation for the aayah.

              Plus, what other benefit is there of the verse, if it isn’t proving Aadam didn’t have a mother nor a father?

              What else is the verse trying to prove?

              Usaama Haan, has totally misunderstood this concept, hence the reason for his deviation

      • Ibn Waqaas Says:

        And what about praying behind him?

  6. Ibn Waqaas Says:

    ok and also (sorry lastly) the other guy (who’s name u deleted) said that this idea is taweel but a VALID OPINION. So why is it kufr if it a VALID OPINION???

    • The speaker, unfortunately (and sad to say) contradicted himself by saying this statement.

      If Usaama Hasan done ta’weel then this, by default, means that the opinion (which is an opinion which was caused by ta’weel) is not valid.

      When a person does ta’weel, ut means he has twisted the meaning, misinterpreted the text, derived a incorrect opinion. So how can the opinion comming out of ta’weel be valid?

      Ta’weel, by nature means the opinion is INVALID. So this statement, with all due respect to the one who said it, is incorrect.

  7. Ibn Waqaas Says:

    But isn’t he like very knowledgeable, so im confused, shouldn’t he know that? and plus, is it true so many other scholars had warned against him like imaam muqbil and others from saudi?

  8. Ibn Waqaas Says:

    Akhee sorry, but I still don’t get it, the verse does not say adam never had a mother and father, so how we say this?

    This is so confusing for me.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      Bro there is nothing else the verse was revealed for except to show that Aadam has no mother nor a father.

      And the verse implies that, even tho it is not ‘literally’ stated (as usama hasan loves to say).

      For example, talking about the forbidden types of marriages, Allaah says:

      “Forbidden to you are: your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father’s sisters, your mother’s sisters, your brother’s daughters, your sister’s daughters, your …[etc.]” [4:23]

      Now look, this verse does not say “Forbidden to you FOR MARRIAGE are: your mothers, your daughters, …(etc)”, it just says, “”Forbidden to you are: …”.

      Now look, how idiotic would it be for a person to come along and say, “Marriage to one’s mother, daughter, sister, (etc) is allowed because the verse doesn’t literally say anything about marriage. It just says forbidden, and forbidden here means something else, it means, forbidden FOR INHERITANCE.”

      So, just as the verse above has not literally stated the words “for marriage” it is stil implies such and is read into the verse and meaning (denying which would tantamount to kufr).

      Likewise, the verse about Aadam, does not say so literally say so, but it implies such and is read into the verse and meaning (denying which would tantamount to kufr).

      I hope this has helped somewhat in understanding the topic in shaa Allaah.

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum,


  9. also, so the jamaa’ah is the jamaa’ah in he time of the companions?

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,

      With regards to the “Jamaa’ah”, then there are four opinions on this mater:

      1) Jamaa’ah means the overwhelming majority.

      2) Jamaa’ah means the scholars only, excluding the masses (laymen).

      3) Jamaa’ah means only the companions.

      4) Jamaa’ah means the whole ummah, scholars and laymen included.

      Nay, some have even said that these ahaadeeth are general and specified by the onle which states:

      “This ummah will divide into 73 sect, all in hell except one.”

      So these scholars, have said that there is no such thing as ijmaa’a of the ummah, and that it is only for the ijmaa’a of the companions, who were (according to the 3rd opinion above) the jamaa’ah.

      I hope this has answered ur question…

      Wassalaamu ‘alaykum.

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