Advice Concerning The Watching Of Sports Events, By Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen

Questioner: Oh Noble Shaykh, is it permissible to watch sports events on T.V?

Answer: What is the benefit in watching these events?

Questioner: Another person and I differed about this issue. I said it is a waste of time and the players ‘Aurah is exposed; as they wear shorts which reach the middle of the thigh. He said no, it is permissible to watch these games. Therefore I said I will pose the question to ‘Uthaymeen.

Answer: The Prophet peace and blessings be upon him)said:

Whoever believes in Allah and the last day must say good things or else remain quiet.” [Bukhaaree 6018]

Since Allah prohibited us to speaking only good speech,and then more so for actions. Watching these games and tournaments have many dangers;

1) Wasting time. You find a person afflicted with watching these matches totally engaged. So much so he wastes too much time, and perhaps he misses the prayer in congregation or misses its fixed time.

2) Watching people who expose half of their thighs. The thigh is considered a part of the ‘aurah with most of the people of knowledge. We hold the opinion that it is Haraam for the youth to expose any part of their thigh and in particular anything high above the knee.

3) Glorifying and praising a major sinner or an atheist. Consequently a person who watches these games might praise someone unworthy of praise. And no doubt this is dangerous.

4) Wasting money. Watching these games result in wasting money; as the T.V uses electricity. A television consumes electricity even though it may be a small amount it still does. Furthermore it accumulates a bill for something which brings no benefit in this life or the next. Hence it is considered a waste of money.

5) Arguing and disputing. We have one person cheering and supporting this team who win. Another person cheering and supporting the other team. For this reason a dispute happens between them with a long drawn out argument.

Due to all of these reasons I advise everyone and in particular the youth to avoid spending time watching these matches and tournaments. Also I advise the people to take some time and think about the gain in watching these games. What is the benefit? Additionally, you find some people playing in these events racing, competing with each other or being carried on one’s shoulder all of which contradict the sense of honor and manhood.



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