Advice To Musilm Women Regarding Their Husbands, Part 5

A man is permitted to enjoy the body of his wife and she is obligated to submit to his desires.

Marriage has been prescribed to protect ones chastity, produce love and tranquility in one’s heart, establish love between the spouses, and to fulfil one’s desires.

It is a major sin to refuse to allow him to physically enjoy her body.


Aboo Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allaah said:

If a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses, and he becomes angry with her, the angels will curse her until morning.

[Bukhaaree 2/315. Muslim 2/1060. Aboo Daawood 2141. Ahmad 2/439 & 480]

In another narration:

… until he is pleased with her.

In yet a third narration:

… until he forgives her.

In yet another narration:

… until she goes back.” [Bukhaaree 4795]

Also; to refuse to allow him to enjoy her body causes many evils in society, among them:

(a) She is indirectly ‘begging’ him to go to other women to fulfil his sexual desire.

(b) It creates hatred in the mans heart towards his wife.

(c) He may, as a result of this, ignore her rights that she has over him.

(d) His love for her will not be as much, as it would have been, had the desired act taken place.

(e) It causes anger in the man.

And Allaah does not accept the prayers of a woman who causes anger to her husband, and the proof for this is in part 4 of this series.

However it should ne noted that she is not cursed if she has a genuine excuse like if she is menstruating, is sick, or if this in the month of Ramadhaan where fasting is compulsory.

Being busy, however is not an excuse for refusing his call.


It was narrated that Talq ibn ‘Ali said, that the Messenger of Allaah (saw) said:

When a man calls his wife to him, then let her respond, even if she is at the oven (baking bread).

[Saheeh Sunan al-Tirmidhi, no. 927]

If a woman consistently refuses to spend the night with her husband in his bed, then she forfeits her rights to maintenance and also her share of her husband’s time [in the case of a plural marriage], because maintenance is a right given in return for intimacy.

For more info please read this article.


9 Responses to “Advice To Musilm Women Regarding Their Husbands, Part 5”

  1. It should be mentioned that this also applies to men not just women.

  2. Asalamu-alaikum bro,

    How u doing, long time no c, where u bin hiding?

    bro quick question; my mate said that when your married your not allowed to kiss your wife on the lips, and that you have to have sexual relations in the dark (u cant do it in the light so you dont see each other).

    I was like na, but i thought ill ask you as we’re on the same wavelength and stuff.

    by the way, how u doin? long time man.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum,


      1) You can kiss ur wife on the lips all u want bro! You can even try that thing where you pass her a grape from ur mouth straight into her mouth… *smile*

      2) How is a man supposed to have sexual relations in the dark? lol… Lights on, or lights off, its ur choice.

      U can dim the lights down, spread petals all over the bed, have a nice fragrance smelling candle burn in the corner, have that “Zawjati” nasheed by Ahmad Bukhatir playing softly in the background… Whatever and however u want bro…


    • Lights off? SubhaanAllaah….

      If some don’t want to enjoy the pleasures of life, then…. Allaahu ‘alam…. Let him have his way. I really don’t know how your supposed to do it in the dark…

      I also remember years back a mate told me ur not allowed to see ur wife’s ‘awrah’… SubhaanAllaah…

      Alhumdulillaah we’re upon the sunnah, lol…

  3. salaam bro am asking for the first time. is it permissible for a lady to allow her fiancee touch her body so that she can win her love?

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